ADA and CANDY/Sugar Lobby ... Should we ever trust ADA educational material coming through the medical community? I On LCHF diet say - NEVER

Read and decipher what ADA is all about ...

It's all about pumping more sugars in to your body .... untill there's a huge public outcry against it

This is similar to "CAMEL CASH" to AMA/AHA way back in decades of 70's when i guess many who are posting here wouldn't even have been born ( i was :) ).


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  • This is something like McDonalds et al being appointed on a panel on how to improve health in UK. CAPITALISTIC Communism is what Democracy is all about ... and these Giants call the shot say in and day out ...:)

    Companies are allowed to use "ADA" labels n their food in return for money?

    Of particular concern: a three-year, $1.5 million sponsorship deal with Cadbury-Schweppes, the world’s largest confectioner. For an ignorant user that would automatically mean oh Cadbury across the board is safe for diabetics. This is what is called SUBTLE Advertising" and MISLEADING the Ignorant Diabetic. Eatr wrong food is what they want and then the PHARMA Lords will have the last laugh till you are alive and kicking with uncontrolled sugar levels ultimately ...

    This is something like Asking Viajay Mallaya to Frame the Alcohol Beverages policy of India in return for money ... you know what i mean ;)

  • Bumping this three year old post instead of doing a copy paste again to increase post count. Ignore the guidelines of Authority if you want to manage diabetes. That's what Dr Sarah Hallberg says :

    We on LCHF diet for managing diabetes have long dumped all recommendations of ADA or it's equivalent anywhere. High Carb Low fat diet is most horrible diet for a diabetic.

    One interesting comment in NYT article:

    “Maybe the American Diabetes Association should rename itself the American Junk Food Association,” said Gary Ruskin, director of Commercial Alert, a consumer advocacy group.

  • This was one of the first videos I had seen on LCHF. While researching a cure for diabetes in my initial days of being diagnosed in 2013, I had read about LCHF in some other places too but never tried it thinking that it was too good to be true. Managing Diabetes without drugs did not seem like a possibility. And of course there were numerous write ups dissing this diet as only a short cut with long term consequences and how it takes all your willpower to follow this diet.

    Now when I am following it, I think nothing can be farther from truth. Not only it is a breeze to follow this diet once you get a hang of it, it is extremely tasty and does not need any special kind of willpower for people who put health first than food.

    How I wish I had tried it sooner ::sigh::

  • I am off wheat and rice. Never thought it would be so easy. Numbers still better.

    It's never late to be on LCHF diet. Diabetics with 20 years of history are off drugs after switching to LCHF diet. Most drop drugs by 50 to 80% and start achieving NON DIABETIC numbers which is the key. ADA numbers are HOPELESS.

    Yes, skeptics can only talk "long-term" etc even after seeing how their recommendations have messed up health globally. The more these experts talk (or rant) against LCHF, more people will explore and switch. Just had another case of a Juvenile diabetic's mom posting. Her daughter lands A1C 5.4 to 5.8 as a TYPE 1. So, people are switching away from the nonsensical HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet, even without the support of doctors.

  • That is great!! Yes the best part is that many people are now thinking for themselves instead of worshiping the 'experts' blindly and accepting everything they say like a sacred truth.

  • Yes, many ppl are fed up of all the "evidently" nonsensical guidelines of diet, drugs and sugar/A1C limits to diabetic. 

    So, they are now exploring options and learning from gurus. I learned about LCHF from, gurus on -- a LCHF only Forum -- where if anyone starts preaching ADA nonsense they are banned. They are very clear that they simply don't like ADA standards. 

    Since it is a western diet based forum, all i walked away with was the "rules of the game"

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