LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET (LCHF Diet) and LIPID Profile Tests Timing ... Junk Science vs Real Science

Diabetics who go on LCHF (Low Carb High Fat Diet) start losing weight as first thing. Besides initial water weight loss body switches to burning "FAT FOR FUEL". It's a very common experience that after initial week or two people start feeling energetic and less hungry as all those hunger cravings (associated with the ADA's CARBOHYDRATES RICH DIET earlier) are gone.

Now if i were a healthcare professional and i would want to scare any such diabetic on LCHF with an impending heart attack firs thing i would do is order a LIPID profile test when the body is in it's initial stage of burning accumulated fat. This will give elevated Cholesterol and as a healthcare professional i would jump with joy that i got a reason to scare and also prescribe the "Harmful and useless STATIN DRUGS" (Yes it is both Deadly and Useless) because this will lead more often than not a series of more and more pills because STATINS damage muscles, Statin Causes Brain Fogging, Statin causes Elevated sugars and what not.

However, if i were a human being who wanted you to improve on your health i would never order a LIPID Profile test during the phase when body is burning accumulated FAT just to prove LCHF wrong by resorting to what i call "JUNK SCIENCE"

So question comes when is right time to go for LIPID PROFILE tests after switching to LCHF lifestyle?


6 Months after the body has stabilized with weight. Also go for VAP if you can because LDL (the dangerous cholesterol) is composed of 4 types and not all 4 types are dangerous.

Aim for a TG/HDL ratio of < 2. (Triglyceridies to HDL) as that's more important wrt markers for heart attack rather than just scaring with Cholesterol levels. Not all LDL is bad. The large fluffy LDL is harmless. As one goes down on size they get dangerous. Even total cholesterol based on which a desperate doctor prescribes useless STATINS is not indicative of impending heart attack.


Don't believe me. Do this test yourself if you can.

(1) Go on a LCHF Diet and then go for a LIPID Profile test within 1 month of switchover.

(2) Then don't get scared with elevated LIPIDS and continue ding whatever you are doing and 6 months after bdy weight is stable go for another LIPID Profile and witness the difference yourself.

It is the above step (1), which most professional who would want to scare you would advise, IS what i call "Resorting to JUNK SCIENCE" to scare a diabetic away from LCHF. Dietary cholesterol can never do any harm if you are on a LOW CARB diet. Body will just make less of cholesterol. CARBOHYDRATES do all the DAMAGE.

BOTTOM LINE: Common Sense and Due Diligence can never FAIL you. There's no RISK at all in LOW CARB HIGH FAT Lifestyle. You can only Benefit and PHARMA Lords will only lose money ... it's because of this that lately the A1C values for being called a "DIABETIC" has been revised "DOWNWARDS" so as to trap more PILL buyers into the LOOP. But they have lost me and many others who switched to LCHF lifestyle :)

Did you know that the first anti diabetes diet in ancient GREECE was ZERO CARB ? ... so i am not talking something new here ... it's been there since centuries but brushed under the carpet by the "NEXUS" for "PROFITS" :)

Pl Note: I am not a doctor or a nutritionists. I am an engineer by qualification and i love reading a lot and have courage to try the unconventional and reap the benefits.

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  • Thanks Anup, with your suggestion have come down to one phulka in the afternoon and none at night. Also have started having day old curd. Have stocked the house with walnuts. almonds and peanuts. Will keep in touch.

  • Great.

    Start counting CARBS of whatever you eat and try to hit below 100 (gradually)

    check from fatsecret.com/

    I have given up wheat completely since 3 days back. Trying to be wheatless for a month and monitoring my 1 Hr PPBS now to check PEAKS at 1 hour.

  • Some persons are talking about wheat grass juice......whereas you are advising for wheatless diet. I know the molecular structure may be different, but still need your advice. Regarding Full Fat Milk, what if our Cholesterol level is high. Thanks for posting....

  • If you cut down CARBS to 100gms/day fat will not harm. I am only advising to CUT CARBS down to 100gms/day :)

  • Anup,

    1. I think even vegetables (not green vegetables) contains carb to some extent. Then they will add some carb to our body.

    2. Secondly, is it good to drink 7-8 liters water in a day. Some body told you should take 1 liter for 20 Kgs per day. I don't have faith in it. I think drinking excess water is overtime to kidneys.

    3. LCHF: will it not cause increase in Cholesterol and lipid profile. Last 4 days, I have stopped eating chapati, rice and bread. I eat green salad, Curds. I don't feel hungry at all( might be due to drinking excess water and high temperature )

    4. Daily 5 Kms morning brisk walk is continued.

  • (1) Potato, Carrot, Beet, peas,beans, tomato all add up quite a bit to carb count so are to be restricted. Count and restrict to 100gms/day.

    (2) 7-8 l is impossible and in all probability you will have lose stools. Moreover if anyone is doing fasting then water fasting can be a strain on kidneys. 4 li all included is good enough. I watch my stools. They indicate when im dehydrated or over hydrated. Yes summers it could be more and winters less.

    (3) Jenny Ruhl ( bloodsugar101.com/ ) mentions it nicely ... if you are staying 100gms carb/day and below fats are good. Moment you start going above 150gm carbs then restrict fat to 30% of energy source. Moment you start cutting of grains and are more on fat diet hunger pangs disappear. For cholestrol in addition to LIPID go VAP Profile -- livestrong.com/article/3844... large fluffy LDL is not bad ...

    (4) This is good.

    Check PPBS at home and keep us posted.

  • Also switch to Full fat milk if you can.

    Start collecting Cream of full fat milk and keep it for your use only. Use it in Hot veg Soup (non strained soup) which should be a regular part of daily diet. VEG is best one of the best ways to cut CARBS .. again check for CARB Content from fatsecret.com and restrict beans/peas/starchy veg/potato etc.

  • The theory behind low carb diet is that ultimately carbohydrates converts into glucose and absorbed by intestine to go into your blood vessels.If your intake of carbohydrate is low so your output of glucose is also low thereby giving the impression of low BS.But at the same time glucose is also the main souce of energy,and without it you may feel weakness.So take your carb as per your need.If you are engaged in a profession which requires lot of leg work,you certainly need the energy,that is why I have suggested a mixture of wheat,barley,gram and soyabean,so that you need not worry about counting anything but at the same time keep you fighting fit,despite diabetes.Regards.

  • thelivinlowcarbshow.com/sho...

    It all depends on how the body is trained.

  • Dear anup,

    We do use sugar testing machines to check whenever we want. Like how we will measure our CARD as and when we feel to do?

  • Can you please rephrase the last sentence ... i could not follow.

  • Thanks anup

    I mean how can we measure the CARB in our body? sugar we can measure by a glucometer


  • CARB (short form for Carbohydrates) is measured in what you eat.

    Please check CARBS/FAT/Proteins in everything that you eat from


    Use search ... search for food /fruit/vegetable name and then check from search results.

    As a diabetic if you eat less carb your sugar levels will stay in far better control. Globally diabetics who take control of their diabetes in their own hands prefer Low Carb High Fat Diet.

  • Thanks Anup

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