Skeptics still won't believe as it challenges their wisdom ... but diabetics are still doing it across all continents ... LCHF Lifestyle

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Will keep adding. Go through these forums of "ACTUAL LIVING DIABETICS" who embraced LCHF ... and they post their numbers even in their signature.

Oh some one tried ridiculing my postings on Coconut Oil ... here you go:

Search is your best friend. And it's only Diabetics discussing with Diabetics and learning from each other. is a purely LCHF forum of diabetics.

LCHF is not rocket science. It is "Common Sense" which Defies "Convestional Jun k Science" and since it defies Junk science certain segment doesn;t like it. I'll keep posting.

Those who want to RANT please avoid posting replies to this thread.




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  • Few More:

    Enjoy reading and sharing your opinion as a diabetic and not someone watching diabetes from FENCE. I follow LCHF diet ...

  • Ridiculing and ranting are best avoided.We should know how to dissent.

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