Low CARB High FAT (LCHF) diet is a phenomenon amongst diabetics everywhere ... Why don't you switch?

Go through forum at following link. Low CARB High FAT diet is a phenomenon everywhere and it's always self educated diabetics who take this path and it has worked invariably.




As a type 2 diabetic you should start reading more and more about LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET. Restrict your CARBS to less than 100gms/day and proteins to around 0.75gm/Kg of body weight (presuming no kidney complications).

Stay away from TRANS FAT.

I keep posting about LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET as it really works. I don't care about the lab scale controlled SPECIMENS research. Keep checking on different LOW CARB HIGH FAT Forums, Google around and equip yourself with information.


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  • @Grey ...

    Seeing benefits on LCHF myself and what i picked up reading on other diabetes forums for last 2 years or so after being dx'd i keep pushing this idea to all diabetics i come across. It works ... it really works ... only care that needs to be taken is:

    (1) STAY away from TRANS FAT.

    (2) Limit your CARBS to 100gms/day.

    (3) No more than 20% energy from proteins (red meat not allowed). If suffering from kidney issues and/or gout then still lower.

  • What are Trans fat? Please give example.Thanks

  • DALDA is one example of Trans fat.

    Hydrogenated vegetable oil is TRANS FAT

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