what to eat and what to avoid for a indian diabetic patient


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  • very good . please write further.

  • I am aType-II, using Metromorphin-500Mg once during breakfast. The sugar level are in control but my Urination results in "forming'. The tests of Urine analysis and other blood serum tests etc are all normal. What to do.

  • Eat half stomach. Morning tea or coffee (1)Breakfast:roti-3 with dhall or idly or Dosai 3 with sambar (2)Rice 1 bowl 200gm samabar or 4 Roti with Boiled vegetables (3)Evening Tea or coffee add sugar free tabs with marie biscuit 3nos (4)night Ragi roti or wheat Roti 2nos with dhall or plain kurma.less oil.

  • Please advice about fruits

  • thanks a lot. please tell me which fruits i can take

  • CUT down Chapati, rice, potatoe, beans., peas, carrots, beets, potatoe. Cut down total CARB Inatke to 100gms CARBS/day. Switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET. Eating roti and rice will force you to take more and more medicines ...

  • thanks a lot.Please advice about fruits

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