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Do you need wellness coaching help online ? Recently, my brother's blood sugar (random), age 60, measured 450. This in spite of taking regular medicines. He panicked. I put him on regular pranayama, brisk walk etc. Can you believe his blood sugar came down gradually to 117 in less than 10 days ? There are some other exercises, meditation techniques too. Do you want a help ? Fee only according to your capacity to pay ; free if you cannot afford. Write to hans@hansyoga.com

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I have been doing pranayam. My own brother has been doing pranayam and other suitable exercises for the last few years after his BP was found to be higher. As yet he is managing without tablet. For sugar, only after several years, he has been asked to take a mild dose of medicine. His job is sedentary. He cannot escape from it for he has to earn his livelihood. Despite this constraint, his condition is satisfactory. I too followed. Found some improvement. Let me be honest that most of us cannot practice yoga and pranayama on the lines of professionals. Yet can adopt in someway. I have done it. But what has pragmatically and efficiently worked is "Nutrition Supplements" through which problems such as very dry skin and irritation, sleep apnea, B.P., weakness, constipation have all disappeared in a matter of six weeks as against three months notice advised by the Clinical Nutritionist who is a doctor with MBBS qualification.


Dear Dinanath ji, please tell me what that nutrition suppliment. i ma 39 years diabetic for last 12 years taking oral plus insulin. sugar fasting 110, pp 160. regards

devender agarwal faridabd 9899412121


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