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Hi, I have a great product combining Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids, It provides a safe, balanced mercury free supplement that can favorably support healthy blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is breakthrough in terms of a balanced supplement oil using both vegetable and mercury free pharmaceutical-grade fish oils to derive the benefits of each.

If interested contact me for more details.


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  • No advertisements here please. Omega 3, Omega6 and Omega 9 anti oxidents are available in different makes. Do not push your products here. This site is for excahnging experiences and advices only not for selling products.

  • Friend, I am not selling any product to anyone. I am also sharing my views about something that has benefited me. Hope you fear that I may provide good info. to the users which may affect your interests. Have a nice day.

  • What details u want to give ? Post them here.

  • Sir,

    I suggest you high quality Aloevera Gel from Aloe Barbadensis miller plant (having quality certification from International Aloe Science Council) combination of Omega3 and Omega9, Garlic Thyme and Ginko. This will definitely help you for any side effects of diabetes. Diabetics are prone to Kidney Failure, Heart Problem etc. The omega3&9 combination lowers LDL and increases HDL. level.

  • Are there any research papers on the control of diabetis from these items.

    There are several Omega-3 supliments in the market , but they are supplements

  • Sir,

    What I write here is based upon my personal results. The reports of HbA1c test were 9.3% from one lab and 10.0% from second lab in Sep 2011 when I was diagnosed as diabetic. These reports indicated poor control. I was prescribed insulin injections by the doctor but having bitter experience of insulin in my family I requested my doctor to suggest something else. I took tablets for one month and in the meantime I was introduced to these products over the internet by Mr HC Joshi who was unknown to me. After 6 months my HbA1c report was 5.8% showing good control. And since that time I am not taking any medicine till date and my Kidney, Cholestrol & Triglycerides reports are normal as per the reports during 3/2013.

    The medicines prescribed by doctors do have clinical reports as well as research papers backing them, but still we see diabetics dying of Kidney failure, Heart failures etc. despite having taken medicines through their life. Doctors themselves accept that side effects are unavoidable.

    Sir I am not a doctor but our products are herbal extracts just like the herbs we use in our houses without ever thinking about research papers.

    As far as omega 3 supplements are concerned, our product is a combination of Omega3 and Omega9 fatty acids. It provides a safe , balanced and mercury free supplement that can favorably support healthy blood cholestrol, triglyceride levels and also helps in proper regulatory functions. Vitamin E is added as an antioxidant to keep the fatty acids from going rancid and becoming toxic themselves.

    It is said "If your diet is wrong then medicine is of no use, If diet is right then Medicine is not required". Therefore, our products help correct our diet deficiency resulting into proper functioning of organs.

    Sir, if you need more information, please keep in touch with me whether you use the products or not.

    Thanks once again.,

  • Where to contact you and why you cannot share your findings if you really want to share this information to the needy. This is the forum where if really good ,information is shared because only the sufferers look for information , not for exploitation.

  • Sir,

    I believe that mere sharing of information won't help anyone deal with his/her problem/s related to health. Whatever I have posted here is based upon my personal experience and the benefits I experienced. If I mention products here then the people like you will start objecting to it as promotion of the products. As such, I request the honorable members to contact me personally.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Are the products available in the open market?

  • Sir, ,,,,

    Products are not available in the open market. All the processes from production to delivery to end consumer are controlled by the manufacturers to avoid adulteration to the high quality products. Every consumer is provided with vat bill..

    Thanks once again.

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