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Ahalia Diabetes Hospital, Palakkad, Kerala, India


Ahalia Diabetes Hospitazl is the First Hospital in Kerala exclusively for Diabetes treatment. They have well experienced diabetologists and surgeons to give best treatment. Dr. Ashok is the CMO and he is highly experienced and skilled diabetologists. The hospital is in a serine atmosphere, blessed with nature's beauty. Morning walk in the premises energerises you and fill your mind with lot of positive thoughts.

The hospital situated in the Ahalia Health Heritage Knowledge Village, 24 kms away from Palakkad Town. Ahalia provide free transport from :Palakkad Town to hospital premises. First one, leaves Palakkad Town Stand by 8.15 a.m, followed by 8.40 a.m, 9.15 a.m, 10.50 a.m and 11.30 a.m. From hospital free drops too arranged for patients and their relatives.

Do visit this hoszpital and experience the care of Ahalia

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Kindly give your full address, e-mail, telephone nos. and your location.

sivap in reply to Pathy

Ahalia Diabetes Hospital,

Ahalia Health Heritage Knowlege Village,



We provide free trasnport from Palakkad Town Stand ( Mangalam Tower Compund). Timing are 8.15 a.m, 8.40 a.m, 10.50 a.m & 11.30 a.m. There will be free return trips too

sivap in reply to Pathy

Pls visit our site ahaliabiabetes.org for more details

We suffered a lot due to thinking of half portion about life that is "PRAKRUT"

The other half is very beautiful that is "PARMARTH" we never think of it & gets all these deaseas......

send me more about Ahilya hospital ,Palghat.What type of treatment and whether hospitalization available?The expense and the exact location etc:

sivap in reply to Balagopalan

pls visit our site ahaliadiabetes.org for more details.

Stop medication and listen to this man, sure u can meet jesus early

ranga in reply to KSREDDY

Fantastic reply, thank you



see link of this and you will get good guidelines. Best wishes to all

sivap in reply to sanjay1955

pls visit our site ahaliadiabetes.org for more details


I know a lot of religious minded people including christians suffering with diabetes.Jesus or God or Allah will take care of if you make all your efforts to manage your diabetes.Sorry,but prayers and meditation will not help.Only lazy people depend on such.

tejkumar in reply to Hidden

prayers.meditation will only de-stress oneself; makes you feel relaxed, composed; medication, brisk walking or Yoga, good daily exercise schedule and strict compliance with dietary norms will definitely help; avoid friends; greater the friends, more problems in life; stop wasting time on friends; apologies to all for any inconvenience caused; we're all acquaintances, some online, some in real world;lesser the friends, more TIME used productively; contrary, serve your parents, take whole-hearted care, devotion towards their well-being and GOD will surely listen to your prayers; take them abroad, if monetary matters sufficient; give them maxim happiness; their blessings will be equally intense and receptive as medicines;

pandr1946 in reply to tejkumar

Dear Tejkumar! I have gone through your narration. I am impressed. Yes,without the blessings of our elders our well being can not be ensured. But as regards your view of avoiding friends and saving time for some contrutive work I have some reservation though I myself do not have many friends of my own or that of my own background. Because If you have friends of good and cultural background it would be an additional positive advantage for your existence and why evev for your wellbeing. Again I repeat that even though I do not have many friends of my own backgrond I still feel presence of good and reliable freiends would make little difference in our life.. This is mentioned only to share my own thoughts and feelings with my fellow readeers

sivap in reply to Hidden

Prayers do give mental peace and will stimulate recovering process. But proper medical care a MUST. Prayers gives Platform for medicines to work and give positive results.

Pls do visit our site ahaliadiabetes.org

Is there any staying arrangement in the hospital or we hv to stay in pallakad .what is the arrangement of staying in palakad since i have never been there .how many days of treatment is required.what is the e-mail ID of the hospital.what r the charges.

pls give full information website is not giving anything about diabetes it is only for the eyes. sukhbir

Pl.give details such as treatment period,accomodation &charges etc.

Do you have reply to this:-

Why the curve goes down and up again in the morning

Asked by hazari

5 days ago

No answers

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In the morning at 4A.M. diebetes is at 89 , at 5.15A.M it is 108 & ar 7.30A.M. it is 152 and even after taking Tea with some walnuts & 1-2 digestive buscuit and medicine Tripride 2 & Jalra -M 50MG/500MG it remains after 2 hours same are slightly less around 140.

Before lunch it is 129 and 2 hours after lunch it is 89 .Before dinner & taking Tripride 2 it is 190 and after medicine Jalra - M 50MG/500Mg & Rozavel 10 2 hours it is 146 at 12.00AM

and in the morning at 4A.M.it comes down to 89 than starts rising till lunch

Hidden in reply to hazari

Have you got HbA1c test done?I think you are doing well Too much of monitoring also is not helpful.

praku56 in reply to Hidden

Well......You said it. Over concern will lead to more troubles

kaale in reply to praku56

That's ok... But what is the scientific reason for such a peculiar behaviour, i.e. sugar level increasing after 4 am without eating anything...?! This is funny and concerning too.....!

Please let me know the type of treatment and contact details


strange; does god exists? if so where; which god is true; god is created according

to wishes, convenient and beliefs; nabi, jesus and krishna are few to say;

diabetes is controlled by drugs or exercise etc depending on one's physique and health condition. not by prayer.

give me ur number pls or if you can call me here is my num, 9905225288, i want more information on this. thank you

sivap in reply to sweet_sugar

Yea pls Pls do contact me on 9446382671

sivap in reply to sweet_sugar

pla visit our site : ahaliadiabetes.org for more details

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