How Much CARBS should you eat each day ?

Diabetics as we all know have glucose disposal problem. CARBS are converted into Glucose. Agriculture is only 10000-15000 years old. Humans did survive even before that. Here's an article which goes through different CARB Consumption ranges ...

I kept saying everywhere .. restrict CARBS to less than 120gms/day and Sugar control will be far better. SWiTCH to Lower CARB HIGH FAT DIET and even your skin health improves ... body can survive without any protein loss even on 50gms carbs/day.

I would now be trying 50-100 gms CARBS/Day (have been around 120+/day eversince i was dx'd with diabetes 2 years back and still take no medicines) ...

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  • This information will be helpful to al Diabetics or Pre diabetics provided Dr_Purba approves or writes her views.

    Kalyan Sarkar

  • Can you please tell me as to how to calculate CARBS

  • Whatever you eat try and find value of carbs / protiens /fats and kcal from

    For best control limit your total CARBS to less than 100gms/day ... switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET.

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