There's a user called Dr Arun who spams 3 threads daily. This has been reported but admins seems to be alow this for no good reasons. Spams are for soliciting Business and commercial in nature.

He/she posts 2-3 threads on same day if his threads move to 2nd page so that his/her threads occupy 30% of visibility on the first page.

Can ADMINS please answer as to why the user is given such a rpeferential treatment or all the ADMINS have gone on a Holiday and this board has become a FREE FOR ALL SHOW?

Look at his SPAM there on following link ..


In addition he goes about on almost all thread promoting his SNAKE OIL.

CAN ADMINS wake up please???

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  • Great ... His account is deleted but his point of contact still remains due to phone nu,ber and email addresses that he published on all of his SNAKE OIL (oh he called it HERBAL WATER) SPAM posts across entire forum/blogs/questions section. So that people don;t get cheated by him even the posts should be deleted.

  • Great. His mail were completely misleading the people. Hope all people take note of this spam and be careful not to get into complications by following his suggestions.






  • its true mr arun has consentrated on his advises promoting his medicens foolish

    thing better dont pay attention


  • My BP stays normal. Not to worry ... it's only about innocent people being SCAMMED. See how even EDUCATED people got scammed b y SPEAK ASIA .... :)

  • I am finding ways to book this cheat. Even though it is not difficult to trace him through his communication links, I am distantly placed to encounter him verbally.

  • U r completly wrong sir.Aasav n. Arishta r self fermented ayurveda preparations.no mixing of any kind of alcohol .it is self generated.d one u told for solders...it is broth .

  • I think it is my duty as an ayurveda doctor to stop spreading a false information.

    One news was der about ayurveda herbal medicin,it contain mercury n harmful toxins dangerous to kidneys.no it is not true.Other news ayurvedic medicin contain heavymetals like 'lead' 'harmful' to kidney.

    Metal preparations r der.Pls take an alopathic multivitamin compound and read d ingredients.Only do one thing go thru d method of preperation of both.Ayurveda use these aafter a. process of purification.Check how an alopathic iron tab or liquid is prepared and wat type of procedures r thru for an ay. Iron preparation.

    This I explained not to hurt u or anyone but to make an awareness frm false reporting.

  • I think you have bad experience of herbal product but not all herbal products have heavy metals and this heavy metals are if generated in herbs then it is not toxic and contents are very low but some alopathic manufacturers spread wrong message because ayurveda herbal medicines do not have any FDA approvals so beware of fake but ayurveda is not wrong

    and there are no reports of reactions but of slow or low results.

  • No need. People can make herbal water at home. Problem with you is that you HIJACK EVERY TREAD and every day POST same SPAM that too 3/day. That's STUPID SPAM by any standards.

    Get a website on your domain , email address on your domain and communicate from there. Else there are many SNAKE Oil sellers who SPAM with TALL CLAIMS.

    You are a JERK basically.

  • You need a psychiatrist really :)

    Here's some free herbal infusion for all.


    Go get a domain and a website first before trying to TRAP people. Your entire operation looks shady when you operate from a free blog account .... grow up.

    I would rather discuss ayurveda treatment with Jiva.com than with freaks like you.

    I am a diabetic and not selling some SNAKE OIL :)

  • You seriously need a psychiatrist ..:)

  • You still need a psychiatrist :)

  • I don't need your snake oil ...i can make my own herbal infusions with the help of Dr Google :)

  • Looks like besides selling snake oil you are also an expert crystal ball gazer :)

  • I am cool. I just hate spammers and snake oil sellers.

  • You are henceforth IGNORED.

  • SPAMMERS are Criminals. They ought to be hated.

    You really need a Psychiatrist honestly.

  • First get a certificate from a psychiatrist that you are mentally ok and post it here ... this site is not a marriage portal that i have to post my contact details :D

  • LOL!!!

    So drink AHT for 1100 right? :D :D :D

  • Anup

    I have lost the other thread...so replying here...just wanted to tell you that i have started drinking haldi + black pepper milk. I feel full and also feel some relief for the shoulder pain. Thanks. writing so that others also can try and reap the benefits. :-)


  • diabetesindia.healthunlocke...

    That's the other thread i guess.

    If this does give you relief then listen to your body and increase the turmeric quanity to roughly 2 gms keeping youyr ears open to what you body says ...

    If this comfort is showing up long term then you can switch to 955 concentrate CURCUMIN extract with pipermine. Add astaxanthin 6mg BID and a CALCIUM+VITD combo (cal+votd you c an add to milk itself). Calcium intake with Astaxanthin is needed as it is said to deplete calcium in body.

    My wife is my patient for her OA and she takes ASTAXA NTHIN (even i take as a diabetic) and she finds still more "qualitative improvement". Her ESR was terribly high few years back with huge pain in knee but now her ESR is all normal and PAINS are very less without any kidney/liver damaging NSAIDS. SHE IS ON SAME SUPPLEMENTS AND DIET AS I AM.

    Keep us posted on above thread or you can start a new thread also. This thread belongs to one hell of a spammer :)

  • Thanks Anup. I need more time to understand all that you have stated here. shall respond after that

  • pipermine or piperine?

  • anup, I am too impressed by your experiments and results..i really want to try them out. but as i am not as savvy as you, i am finding it difficult to decide from where i shud buy the things mentioned in your mail. please help if you do not mind. so many brands and which one to go for?!

    I hope VITD is vitamin D and u meant vitd and not votd? where does one buy these tabs without sugar? and how to add these tabs to milk? add after boiling?

    i added 1/2 spoon of organic turmeric powder to milk and strained it...hope that is okay...but it is more than 2 gms :-(. Thanks Anup

    and any suggestions for increasing the HDL?? my husband have this problem. And red wine did not help. Thanks again.


  • :-))) yes, true...we tried for a month...and stopped

  • No WINE only correct DINE would correct lipids. Stop all alcohol and smoking. I am saying this after having smoked for 27 years ... realized that i am saving 50K/year by stopping smoking so got addicted to Supplements :)

    2gms turmeric is ok. Boil milk with turmeric+pepper. Make you husband also take this in morning breakfast in 100mk milk. STOP Indian tea (tea with milk and sugar) ... We don't strain it here. Even when cup is all emtpy we add slight water and drink that too so that no turmeric goes for waste :)

    CURCUMIN and Pepper extract. -- piperine (sorry about that spelling) --

    VITD is Vitamin D. rarely have i seen doctors advise this .. and huge population is VITD deficient In India also... VITD u can open c apsule and empty it into milk cup and stir it.

    FOR HDL: CUT CARBS drastically, Stop everything CANNED, switch to Coconut Oil and stop those heart friendly oils ... try adding nicely made baingan ka bharta to your menu ... start having leafy green veg and also cauliflower, broccoli. No red meat at all. Add overnight soaked Almonds and Walnut to morning breakfast. Start having nuts .. except cashew nut.

    Since turmeric is helping you it means your nerve inflammation is coming down. ... so next is buy Organic Tulsi Ginger tea and start having that also. If not then Buy Tulsi Green Tea and while boiling water add grated ginger then after it boils add tulsi green tea and allow to seep for 2-3 min and then strain and add 1/4 slide lemon ... Can also make your own ICED tea and add lemon before drinking ... "Organic India" brand even this i order online though now i find that they have started showing up in all local stores also but ordering from source directly gives me peace of mind that it is not "DUPLICATE" stuff :)

    All my supplements i order from mynutramart.com and zenith brand. I will be adding CURCUMIN soon and i order online ... too lazy to drive to a store and buy as lot of parking problems :)

    keep us posted ... maybe start a new thread of your own ...

  • Thank you so much Anup...you are such a great help...and I have news for you...today's breakfast was zero carb!! :-)) Egg omelette with onion, tomato, mushroom and little butter, milk with haldi and pepper!! feeling full even now!!

    i am also a regular with tulsi tea and organic india team....but never tried lemon in it....

    i understand that u r not associated with any companies...asked for help because there are umpteen people selling much stuff over the web...so though would make use of your experience and benefit from it.... :-)

    i do drink 1 cup of tea in the evening....with stevia leaves and long tea leaves and a dash of milk...during the weekend shall look for the supplements and start enjoying them too...i am sure results will be the best booster for anyone to continue...yes, i forgot, my husband also goes through the same routine...he also had the same food...is a teetotaler so, no issues with smoking or alcohols!! :-))

    i do not think i have the energy or experience to start a thread but shall share the things which helped me here itself: my decision had been to eat ONLY one serving of any carb at a time---example 1 idli, i dosa, i chappathi, i katori rice etc...eat fruits in limited quantities atleast 4 servings...eat mushroom and such vegetables which have no calories stored in them...consume curd twice a day...nuts and raisins also-two each and more of peanuts. does eat all types of dals with cover after soaking for 24 hours and changing water at least thrice because we developed difficulty in digesting kidney beans...right now, since 10 years, we are practising vegetarianism..but i want to start eating fish and little non-veg-shred chicken into soup etc...but is little reluctant because i do not enjoy the feel of holding them or seeing them uncooked... and i cook for he family...:-(( when you have little time, anup pls share some non-veg recipes that would be ideal for us....thanks again

  • See the fun on taking omlette ... u can skip lunch every alternate day if you take omelet every alternate day. Add padding of bell pepper, tomatoe, onion etc etc. I drink upto 1l+ green tea in peak days ...

    Other days try a range of non strained VEG soup with lots of cream and Paneer pakoda ... and then in lunch try milk with haldi and some 50 grams or so nuts (no cashew) ... or can reverse combo ... milk +nuts in B/F and Soup + Pakda in Lunch

    I try Fruit raita for a change in lunch and that too is quite filling ...

    Be very careful with mushrooms ... sometimes they can be toxic :)

    Test your sugar levels .. it will get better ...

    I want to go wheat less but somehow still not able to do so. You can try going whetless and see if it helps with PAIN. Gluten is also bad for inflammatory pains ... and all PAIN is inflammation in body ... PAIN is body's cry for HELP!!!

  • I an go wheat less anytime...:-))) rice is my weakness...mushrooms that we get this side (delhi) had never created any issues!! Fruit raita is a great idea...u will hear me having fruit raita lunch tomorrow itself.. :-))

    yesterday for supper we had vegetable soup-with veggies in and little rice with vegetables...was thinking that today i will try adding little creame into it.. :-)) still terrified at the thought of adding fat...because i have always heard that fat is bad for diabetic and people with cholesterol issues!!!

  • Try cream from full fat milk ... rice limit to 2 TBSP max just for taste. Restrict all your CARBS through VEG only and there can never be issue with FAT. CARB is BAD for everyone except endurance athletes.

    Masai tribe of Kenya never had cholesterol issues ... till they were introduced to SAD (Standard American Diet which is bucket load of carbs every day) in a controlled study.

    My Fruit Raita is lots of > 1 day old curd from full fat milk (guess ~300gms), 1 orange, few grapes (weighs around 50gms) and pomegranate .. that's all. Keeps me full for great amount of time. You can split it into 2 servings with a gap of 3 hrs or more.

    Test BG levels as you change your habits and see how things move ...

  • For VITD+Calcium:


    I buy this. For me, wife, brother and his wife.

    PL NOTE; I am no way associated with the site or zenith company.

  • Herbs etc i buy from Himalaya herbal bangalore and again online ... in fact toothpaste/soap/skin care is all from them. No Lakme et al allowed in my house :)

  • i see....

  • Hey Anup, i have ordered the vit-d+cal and Astaxanthin 6mg from nutrmart. The info says i serving is 2 tabs of Astaxanthin. could you kindly suggest a suitable dosage? is there any restriction? i hope i can take it along with food.

  • Astaxanthin start with 2/day for a week and then switch to 1/day. Take with FAT.

    VITD+CAL start with 1 /day.

    Both VITD and Astaxanthin are FAT soluble stuff so carry best with fat. Else you can take the capsule as is.

  • anup, is it 2 at a time or 1 at two different times of the day??

  • 2 times a day ...morning evening

  • okay, thanks

  • 95% NOT 955


  • Point noted Anup...

  • He will strike back with vengeance :)

  • God doesn't cure anything. It's a route for THUGS to CHEAT (and convert) escapists and helpless!!!

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