Who wants a healthy living with diabetes?

Diabetics does not kill anybody. But it's effects on one's vital organs like Kidneys and Heart, (which every diabetic has to face) kill the diabetics. In order to keep your Heart and Kidneys in healthy state, diabetics must take some specific nutrients and antioxidants along with low gismic diet. Send me email or call 09419189880 for querries

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  • Why only diabetes any disease will do the same

    if not treated properly and expert advice not taken seriously.

    The damage in Diabetes is irreversibile which one understands when it happens.

    Yes anti-oxidants are must for every Diabetic due to toxicity as a result of diabetic medication which nobody can avoid.

    For natural support for Diabetes you can also write at udhanfoundation@gmail.com

  • Sir,

    You are right that all diseases will do the same. But why I refered to diabetes is because we were in a diabetic forum.

    Thanks for posting.

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