Not treatment but mass education

I am reading all he questions and blogs appear in this site for the last two or three weeks.

I came to know how careless or ignorant or mislead the general public about the seriousness of he diabetes and it s treatment. Many of the diabetics are taken it so silly topic. I think the government health workers the social workers and experienced practitioners should start a campaign to educate the common people the seriousness of the disease. Spending huge amount of rupees on treating is no use, mass education campaign needed as just we did in the case of small pox eradication we did in the past.

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  • Yes diabetics need more f education and less of [ills. They don;t even know that potato/rice/carbohydrates in general are bad for diabetics and all are consuming dosa idli uttapam. Wonder what doctrs do besides just writing pills. There are no good carbs bad carbs as far as diabetics are concerned. All are good and all are bad. It's the total carbs/day which is important and first thin g they should be told is to cut down carbs to less than 120gms/day.

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