LOW CARB Diet greatly lowers your Insulin -- so saves your pancreas

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Discuss with your doctor and dietician and be prepared that 95% of them will still force you 60:20:20 rule ie 60% energy should come from CARBOHYDRATE ... which means even as a diabetic you should be eating CARBOHYDRATES to an extent that it is impossible for you to manage diabetes without pills.


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  • It's, how best the carbs can be burnt to be thought over

  • Eat and go for a 3 km walk every time you eat. No other way.

    So either we do that or switch to LOW CARB.

  • only retired can do this others morning not possible evening time bad roadlight off accedient chances prone what to do

    regard panchsheel

  • Then switch to Low CARB HIGH FAT DIET.




  • Do following when you feel hungry (pl note that body takes a week or so to adjust to lower carb intake lifestyle ... don't panic when you feel hungry).

    Roasted peanuts no salt. You can munch them since they are fat it will lead to feeling full for a longer time. Try some hot vegetable soup made from palak + tomatoe + small carrot (don't strain) and add malai of Full fat Milk and sip it.

    Drink lot's of water or green tea without milk and sugar. Add some lemon drops to it. You will succeed :)

  • And walking you have to ... find some garden to walk ... walk even 5 minutes every hour at work, walk within the flat/house/terrace wherever. Stop using lift in an apartment and climb stairs up and down.


  • One has to understand the reasons for insulin resistance in Type-II diabetes and take preventive & corrective measures towards countering this. This, by itself is an interesting subject. Even if insulin is available naturally from ones own pancreas or through insulin shots, one can still have high glucose levels in the blood if the problem of insulin resistance is not countered. Allopathy offers only Metformin tablets, of course with some side effects. Ayurvedic preparations + changes in food habits + aerobic exercises can effectively counter the problem of insulin resistance. It is understood that Homoeopathy also makes an attempt towards countering the problem of insulin resistance by holistic approach applicable to each individual.

  • Metformin doesn't cure insulin resistance. It's a wrong presumption. It suppresses normal liver functioning when it comes to handling sugars ... Allopathy is all about "SUPPRESSING" symptoms :)

    Insulin Resistance cannot be cured.

  • Thanks.

    Though not a doctor (but an engineer by profession) my inquisitive mind never lets me take anything coming from a physician of Rx world on face value so i read about medicines ...courtesy Dr Google.

    So far i have not taken any anti diabetic medicines from Rx World and have managed to be within limits for my metabolic parameters in general.

  • Glad to hear this. Where is he based? Does he handle only diabetics or others also?

  • Yes "Pharma Mafia" will never allow native medicines to flourish. Good luck. When anything unconventional will be popular then politicians like Brinda Karat will start commenting on TV channels like she did against Ramdev ... they are all funded by all know who :)

  • Dear Reshma ji !

    What are the ayurvedic medicines. i have taken ' MADU NADHINI' of Divya pharmacy , but no effect. kindly let me know the name of ayurvedic medicines that I can take , I know there is no side effects of ayurvedic medicines.


  • It's good to hear this. I am sure soon Govt Of India will be going after SBJi and try to close his practice because PHARMA Mafia is going to lose lot of money as he becomes more and more popular. Watch out for Brinda Karat , Digvijay Singh and SINdey:)

  • Hi Anup I am taking ayurvedic medecine for last one year and diet control. My vaidya has given me almost 8 different tablets and powder I have to mix it and take twice. In Diet Jower roti and boiled vegetables no spice less salt less oil. I am not taking any diabetes pill I used to take glaykind 500 three times a day. When I started ayurvedic treatement he first told me to stop all allupatthy medicine.

    After One year my HB Alc 6.9. Having reading your discussion I feel still I have to cut carb and increase protein intake.

  • CUT Grains.

    Increase FAT

    Protein increase is also going to be harmful as Protein also converts to sugars through glucogenesis. Idea is LOW CARB High FAT diet. So instead of 6:20:20 (CARB:FAT:Protien) rule make it 20:60:20 where 60 is good FAT.

    A1C 6.9 is nothing to be happy about. It should be below 6 because at 6.9 your ABG is still going to be High (ABG == Average Blood Glucose).

  • Thanks for suggestion. i would like to continue with jowar roti for 20 carb how many roti i can eat at day. I do take 2 white egg daily. for 60 fats I am still confused what to eat?pl suggest. 6.9 is on high side.

  • (1) Eat full egg omlette in breakfast.

    (2) Take lots of vegetable soup (non strained) with Full fat milk cream (malai).

    (3) Eat lot of nuts (peanut+almond+walnut)

    (4) If you are a non veg then eat non veg 3-4 meals a week.

    (5) Drink lots of water

    (6) Take curd made from full fat milk.

    Basically switch to High Fat diet. Your sugars will come down automatically. After 2 months i am thinking of completely eliminating wheat from my diet ... basically chapati from any source (wheat/jowar/bahra/makka) i want to eliminate. Rice i rarely take 1TBSP.

  • thanks for ur suggestion. My ayurvedic vaidya suggest jowar is good for diabetis and i heard there is research on jowar is good for diabetes. I have completely eliminate rice from my diet. sombody also suggest long wheat is also good for diabetis. My vaidya suggest if at all want take chapati take with one teaspoon methi powder in it. For me I like nuts but its create acidity for me.

  • Once you reduce CARBS all acidity will vanish. STOP Indian TEA completely. Body does take a week to adjust to Low carb high fat diet and after that it will be a boon.to health.

    Bottom line is -- If it has CARBS it can never be good. Simple or Complex both are bad for diabetic. Yes adding ground methi to wheat flour helps. dding any green saag like palak, methi, bathua etc while kneading flour also helps. It becomes more filling and reduces carb load. For a change you can even try :

    Mash Cauliflower (boiled)

    The mnake stuffed paratha with above and it will taste like aaloo ka parantha without the bad impact of aaloo

    Best is eat a meal ... 40 min after fin ishing meal go for a 20 min stroll. 2 hrs after first bite check your sugar. If it is < 140 you are deoing good. If it goes above 140 adjust diet :)

  • While on Jowar...


    I know this jawaree rotee and thhssa is very popular in rural areas of Maharashtra. But is not good for diabetcs. better eat one whtea chapati/meal modifying it as i mentioned ...

  • thanks we will keep in touch

  • mrs reshma i too agree i have curbed medicine 50 percent started on herbals i feel bit good


  • Swas, Elaborate more on how Ayurveda counters insulin resistance.

    this is the core topic this forum should discuss in detail.

  • I am a strict vegetarian. can take only rice as main food. not even egg. fasting blood sugar is 92 to 95. after lunch it is 180 to 190. every evening I take a brisk walk for 1 hour.

    in the evening the count is between 85 to 90. and get shivers every day due to low sugar level. I use half of glucored forte tab after lunch and after supper. doctors advise is not to change the medicine dose . how to adjust my food?

  • Cut down rice and survive more on vegetable, fruits and nuts (peanut+walnut+almond), curd, paneer etc .At best just 1 chapati/meal. Once you do this you may even be able to switch to plain metformin and save your pancreas for longer time. Any medcine that whips your pancreas to produce m ore insulin is basically driving your towards use of INSULIN Shots later in life at some stage.

  • Try to agument between routine diet with snacks as advised by the Dr. or diatician this will reduce low sugar ocurence.

  • Instead switch to plain Metformin because suplhonylurea drugs will only kill Pancres in long run besides causing hypos of course. Metformin all by itself can never cause hypos.

    I don't trust doctors , dieticians blindfolded as they care more for their money than for yur health.

  • mr anup i take metaphos 500me both time will my pancreas will be damaged say 4 to 5 years

    please advise


  • Metaphos or Metformin? Can you please type the exact name?

    Plain Metformin is relatively safer drug but not safer than no drug at all. I think you are at half level mark for the max dose of metformin. Pancreas of a diabetic gets tired if you whip it or force it to produce more insulin by eating a HIGH CARB diet. So i always say switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET. It helps!!!

  • Take brown rice (hand pound rice with husk). Glycemic index of this low compared to polished (milled) rice. Take small quantities in five intervals instead of the usual three. Take more vegetables as accompaniment for your rice dishes. Do not take a nap after meals. Regular walks in morning & evening is a must. Ensure that your bowel movement is maintained well & the healthy condition of your gut is also maintained. Take thin butter milk frequently. There many other things one can do to obviate insulin resistance which I feel is your main problem. Let us go step by step. In the first place, follow the tips in this blog and let us see as to what results are achieved in about a fortnight.

  • Hand pound rice is not Brown rice. It seems even hand pound rice has reduced level of dietary fiber. takes Brown rice is the natural form of rice, and it is healthier.


  • Hand pound rice is not Brown rice. It seems even hand pound rice has reduced level of dietary fiber. Brown rice is the natural form of rice, and it is healthier.

  • We, modern day Indians, tend to take more junk food rather than what GOD has given to us. The first one is pure white Rice. Others are Maida, various Dhalls, Refined oils and toned and skimmed milk. These are not easily digestible. As compared to Pure wheat flour, food cooked with Maida or white rice stays an additional half an hour in our stomach which means an additional half an hour work for the pancreas, intestines etc. Calculate the additional half an hour for every such food you have taken from childhood on a cumulative basis. How many hours your pancreas and intestines have lost. They have aged prematurely. That's why diabetes.

    To prevent/control diabetes simply switch over to naturally fibrous food. Convert your junk foods into lively food. If you are taking rice, take only brown rice and foods cooked with brown rice.

    Try the following menus:- Idly /dosa:- Black gram ( not black gram dhall) and Brown rice methi seeds. Add sufficent quantity of seasame oil /ghee to the batter. Idlis/dosas prepared in this manner will lose their junk food status.

    Rice Pongal:- Brown Rice, Green Gram,(not green gram dhall), raw ginger, pepper, jeera and ghee. Pongal will also lose its junk food status.

    Chappathi and Poori made of wheat flour with natural oils (Not refined oils) and Ghee.

    Cooking Brown rice is easy. It should not be cooked in pressure cooker. First, boil the water (3.5 times to four times the rice) and add the rice to the boiling water. After cooking, filter/ take out the balance water (can we call it rice porridge) and take/use it separately. The rice is tastier/healthier good fighter of diabetes and many diseases.

    To make good soft idlis allow the water in the cooker to boil before you place batter in the cooker. pray to GOD while cooking and before you eat.

    If you are making kesri cook with Daliya (broken wheat) or broken brown rice instead of Rava or sooji.

    Try many other food in this manner. Soon diabetes will say goodbye to you.

    Others:-Do not swallow your food. Munch your food before it gets into your stomach. Do some mild exercises and walking.

    Simply change your cooking ingredients. You may get diabetes at the age of 80 or so. hyper acidity, constipation and many other diseases will vanish. You will not be required to frequent your Pharmacy.

  • Rice will surely spike your sugar

  • Sorry anupji. What I mentioned is brown rice or red rice, rice in its natural form. Pl completely ignore polished white rice that is made available to us to make us diabetic. I have put this blog after trying this type of food for many years on myself and on my daughter who has severe wheezing complaint. Pl experiment for some time, say a fortnight/month and observe whether your sugar levels get spiked.

  • I do take brown rice once is a while and that too 1-2TBSP only for a change. Will try for a week and see. I normally eat anything as long as i keep my total carb intake to 120gms/day and ~40-50gms/meal max

  • Dear Raj67,

    Thank you very much for your comment/query. At the outset, I would like to state that I am a retired mechanical/marine engineer and not a doctor. However, being a chronic diabetic, I started doing my own research by reading, Internet surfing, experimenting etc. I do have an assorted write up of my studies stored in my computer. My studies are continuing. One thing is clear. Insulin resistance precedes Type II diabetes. If one catches this at the initial stage of occurrence and effects diet and life style modification, then, the battle is more or less won. But all of us continue with our stupid life style and idiotic diet habits resulting in aggravating the condition in a progressive manner. As regards to Allopathy medication for Insulin Resistance, Metformin (Glucophage) is a medication that is used for treating this. It has two mechanisms of action that help to control blood glucose levels. It prevents the liver from releasing glucose into the blood, and it increases the sensitivity of muscle and fat cells to insulin so that they remove more glucose from the blood. Because of these actions, metformin reduces blood insulin levels. However, there are side effects and I would recommend low carb, high fibre diet + certain well known & time tested Ayurvedic remedies. Findings of this research trace the origin of type II diabetes to the intestine/gut. While insulin is produced in the pancreas and sugar is stored in the liver, intestine/gut makes Fatty Acid Synthase (FAS). FAS is an enzyme and this is crucial for the production of lipids. Interestingly, this is regulated by the insulin and people with diabetes have defects in FAS. Without FAS, intestines develop chronic inflammation in the gut, a powerful predictor of diabetes. Diabetes may indeed start in your gut.

    Microbes that naturally live in the gut help in the digestion of food and synthesise of vitamins. Lack of FAS in the intestine/gut results in loss of the protective mucus lining in the intestine that separates the microbes from direct exposure. This causes harmful bacteria to penetrate otherwise healthy cells in the gut and destroy them. Hence, impaired digestion and poor synthesis of vitamins occur.

    From the afore-stated, following aspects emerge:-

    (a)Type II diabetes is not simply beta cells/pancreas/insulin related.

    (b)FAS significantly contributes to type II diabetes.

    (c)Maintaining a healthy mucus coating is very important to control of type II diabetes.

    (d)We have to formulate our food habits in such a manner that maintains the health of the intestine/gut and the mucus membranes. In addition, healthy life style + exercises help in combating the condition.

    (f)In parallel, in order to regulate fast absorption of sugar, we have to consume only such food items that have low glycemic index and eat in small quantities; but more frequently.

  • Great to hear LOW CARB :)

    That's one of the best ways to manage diabetes. It was nice to read you comment. Yes what you mentioned about gut is "GUT FLORA"

    HIGH fat doesn't kill High CARB does. That's what i have learnt reading since last 2 years as a diabetic without medicines and we diabetics have to be our own doctors as it's a shame that most doctors will drive you to m ore medicines with passage of time :)

  • anup

    //13 hours ago


    Though not a doctor (but an engineer by profession) my inquisitive mind never lets me take anything coming from a physician of Rx world on face value so i read about medicines ...courtesy Dr Google.

    So far i have not taken any anti diabetic medicines from Rx World and have managed to be within limits for my metabolic parameters in general.//

    how u manage diabetics . plz share my e-mail. kthamizhinian@gmail.com. thank you

  • I Restrict my CARBS to less than 120gms/day.

    I eat more FAT and less carbs. Even curd that i take is made from FULL FAT MILK.

  • Dear All

    A very good comparative writing please keep it continue and help really to all diabetic sufferer .

    It's good to hear this. and mr. anup' comments " I am sure soon Govt Of India will be going after SBJi and try to close his practice because PHARMA Mafia is going to lose lot of money as he becomes more and more popular. Watch out for Brinda Karat , Digvijay Singh and SINdey:" this govt and these people are Damon to all diabetic as well as no diabetic be carefull of them.


  • Kindly mention the diet.

  • thanks

  • Whether the platform has become advertising media?Aurvedic medicines are availble in the market in aboundaence made by many reputed companies like Jundu etc.So some xyzJis

    should stop posting ads.rather they should tell name of the herb or herbs

  • Buzz off you SHAMELESS SPAMMER. Go drink all the snake oil that you sell and prove that you have stopped aging.

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