Studies Proving The Safety and Efficacy of the Low Carb Diet

Read and make it your lifestyle. The site is run by a diabetic herself and on various diabetic forums this site is first thing that newly diagnosed diabetics are told to refer and study ...

Oh So LOW FAT diet gives no benefit. It' just forces you to eat more CARBS which is DANGEROUS :)


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  • The article has one very important statement ---

    Sadly, 99% of the money that is spend on "researching" diabetes goes into paying for studies sponsored by drug companies intended to come up with findings that will promote the sales of their drugs.

    This is what i have been calling "Pharma Mafia" in various posts who work hand in glove with doctors and dieticians and also reward them with cash and gifts for increasing their sales :)

  • And more details here ...

    So if anyone says LOW CARB High FAT is dangerous they are basically out of their mind. Everyone improved after they took control of their own diabetes researching on their own .... :)

    BOTOM LINE: Cut the CARBS.


  • A well balanced diet as decided by ADA brainwashed professionals (the regular dietician/doctors) can never let you live without medicines for long. They want 60% energy to come from CARBOHYDRATES whereas diabetics doesn't need more than 20% coming from CARBS.

    Whole ide of balanced diet for diabetic is CUT down CARBS to less than 120gm/day ... and substitute with fat and protein. If you ask for such a diet from a ADA brainwashed professional they will either laugh at you or get irritated and start swearing on internet :).

  • If you start listing what is a balanced diet you are certainly to go mad.The list is as long as the list of dieticians. Simple formula. Be moderate in taking anything which lures your saliva.

    Do not take pity on you. Do not deprive yourself of anything. Do not think that you cannot take this thing or that thing. Have a taste of all but in moderate quantity and less often.

  • Start CARB Counting and CUT DOWN CARBS to less than 120gm/day.

    Make up the rest with good fat + protein.

  • I love this approach of yours. For me Being a Panjabi and having lived a life of hectic work of looking after family life and job having to leave and pick up children etc etc nothing had happened. But now with some extra stress / tension I developed this dreadful disease Diabetes. I was so determined to throw this disease out from me, but it got stuck to me and with different advices of medicines it has become difficult to manage. What to eat and what not to eat is a question for me. Can you please advise me on this please?

  • If you are a Punjabi with no aversion to Non Veg then life becomes easy :)

    (1) Cut down carbohydrates. Count it and make sure you don't eat more than 40 even for the heaviest meal. To give you an idea ... one Indian Chapati made by a typical Indian housewife is 22gms CARB ... if it's Naan it could be dangerously high.

    (2) Add CURD as a permanent friend. Make sure CURD is > 1 day old. This is because CARB content is reduced to almost half of what it started from milk.

    (3) Dislike (and throw every such thing out nof your life) everything that comes with a tag "DIABETIC FRIENDLY" they can never be DIABETIC FRIENDLY as they are loaded with tons of CARB. They "FOOL" the ignorant and make money ...

    (4) Fill yourself with green veg, paneer dishes, curd preparations ... and just 1 Chapati/Meal, chikcen, fish. Non veg tree times a week will lessen the load of weekly carb intake so improve A1 C.

    (5) For snacks thrive on NUTS -- Almonds, Peanuts, Walnuts. Watch calories. Never touch Cashew nut as a habit. It's CARB loaded and will spike your sugar.

    (6) 2 -3 Egg Omelet in breakfast with lots of veg padding (green veg and ginger etc etc) with load of cheese can make you skip lunch or just have a nice raita preparation for lunch ... since you are a punjabi not much has to be told about cooking and flavor :)

    (7) Stop Indian "Chaye (tea)" and start drinking Green tea with tulsi and lemon drops.

    (8) Stop alcohol. Ensure about 3 l/day water.

    (9) If you do not have thyroid problems then add supplement. Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg OID Add a multivitamin like supradyn also.

    (10) never use these so called iodized free flowing salt. The chemicals that they add for free flowing property is not good for body.

    Forget about cornflakes, oatmeal etc. Remember CARB is CARB and it will turn into sugar in body. Keeping this in view restrict yourself to 120gmns CARB/day. All this talk of simple carb complex carb is humbug as far as diabetics is concerned.

    40 min after finishing meals go for a 20 minute walk.

    Check your PPBS 110 minutes after first bite. Test at home ...

    If you restrict your self to < 120 (lower the better) you will start feeling younger and also have more energy.

    I am presuming you are a Type 2 and not dependent on INSULIN ...

    PS: If you consult a doctor or a Dietician ... INSIST that they give you a diet chart which is low carb and high fat. with good amount of protein. If they tell you that your brain ne3eds 130+ grams/dayt CARB tell them 2 TBSP coconut oil /day can keep the brain running healthy so all that is Craptalk propagated by ADA :)

    Once in a while you can cheat. I do. I eat sweets and i know it will kick my sugar levels up so i just do extra walk or do bicep curls with 15Lb dumbells and pushup... this drops my sugar from 200 (1 hr PPBS) to110 92 hr PPBS) in an hour. I talk more from exprience than what ADA brainwashed professionals tell me. Ma ny scare me with a heart attack but all that is bull shit ... CARBS are most dangerous thing and that's the thumbrule that i live with as a diabetic.

  • Thanks so very much. I am a retired lady of 64+. I take these food supplements of Amway i.e. Daily, Natural B, Cal mag D, and some other important ones. Now as suggested by you to take Protein can I take Amway Protein Powder one spoon measurement a day in the Wheat ata in the mornings in a Parantha using very little home made pure ghee which myself and my husband who is 70+ and healthy take?

    I am an egg vegetarian. I don't take any chicken, meat, alcohol. I use Sendhaa Salt (Pinkish white rock salt where no chances of adulterations is possible because I buy the Rocky salt and grind it at home.

    Now I want to know about Paneer and Cheese. The Cheese that we get in the Malls and the Paneer that we get in the sweet meat shops are they the ones you are talking about?

    I'm asked to take insulan which I don't take. Gemer 2 and Cetapin one each before breakfast (total 2 tablets), 1 Cetapin before lunch and dinner that is 3 tablets of Cetapin and 1 tablet of Gemer 2.

    When I go to the Gurudwara then the Parshaad offering given to us sweet made of Pure ghee, wheat ata and sugar with water something like thick lapsi . Thats the only sweet goes into my body.

    I have now been asked to go for Angiography, which I'm avoiding and so I started with Ayurvedic medicines, feeling little better. My earnest request to you to Please me know what I'm to take in greens as some say spinach is not good , chowrahi green/red leaves is not good, only methi is good. What the truth is please let me know.

    The question of Maida in any form is out of question. No chapatis of maida i.e. Nans etc I eat. What are Carbohydrates Foods found in which food Please inform.

    Thanking you in advance for the info being sent to me dear.

  • Hello madam,

    Paneer you can make at home from milk (this is called cottage cheese in english) by adding any citrus stuff (like lemon, vinegar) to milk and then straining it ... i prefer everything made at home ... paneer with shimla mirch preparation with some tomatoe rally tastes good :)

    Cabbage family is great and filling (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, gaanth gobhi).

    You can also preapre nice filling soup made of Palak + tomatoe+gajar and add home made malai ... one large glass sipped hot will almost not need any meals ...

    For protein best is take soya & daal.

    Soya can be added to chhole that you can take in moderation.

    Rajma can also be taken in moderation.

    You can take egg omelet with a nice padding of vegetables and garnishing of cheese. Cheese is what you get in market. Every alternate day would be ok. Other days you can take Chilla made of chana daal ... with nice chutney made out of amla etc at home.

    All grains are carbohydrate ... anything white restrict as much as possible. All vegetables that grow underground should totally be eliminated except onion, ginger, garlic, raddish ... carrot in limited quantity and beet in very limited qnty. Beet spikes sugar levels. No potato, no chips no fast food.

    Prepare dishes from Coconut flour.

    Prasaad in gurudwara is ok ... I go to temples and am given sweets ... yes pure sweets as prasad .. i take it as i can tolerate the same ...

    Fruits you can have payapa, apple, peaches, guavava.

    Nuts you can have peanuts+almond+walnut.

    I am not a big FAN of AMWAY products but that's personal choice. So for protein i would rather suggest natural source like Soya and Daal. Chana daal is also good otherwise.

    Pl restrict chapatio/naan/roti weight to 40gms/meal (avg indian chapati weighs around 40gm which is 22gm carb) and restrict to 1 Chapati/meal.

    Pl try all this and keep us updated.

    Please refer this site for carb counting and also to know about other things (fat/protien) in anything that one eats ...


    Dose the insulin accordingly as insulin and carb counting are very critical.

  • Pls.suggest low carb diet for a hyderabadi woman 55yrs on medication sice 8 yrs.

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