We have to remember that all C ARBOHYDRATES are turned into sugar and released in blood and we diabetics have our capacity to handle sugar limited to various extent.

Here's the VIDEO:

and here's the article:

SO SWITCH TO LOW CARB/RESTRICTED CARB DIET as a Type 2 diabetic it has helped me a lot. I test my PPBS at home every other day to make sure that things are under control. Every diabetic should test at home. The idea of checking once a month in LAB is ridiculous ...


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  • More here ...

    I'll keep adding and keep saying SWITCH TO LOW CARB/RESTRICTED CARB DIET and enjoy life as a diabetic :)

    Most NUTRITIONISTS and DOCTORS would hate to see these things ... and come up with Oh everything in moderation is good but who decides if 1 packet KURKUREY is good or two because the TV ad shows hog it all :)

  • FAT Bad for heart? HUH CARBS are BAD:

    This is for everyone who CLAIM that EGGS are bad for diabetics. They are NOT .... JUNK SCIENCE will obviously prove it is bad because the CARB industry has to make money ...

  • More on same topic ...

  • It's not EGO. It's the issue of maximizing profits from Diabetics (which is created by the Food Industry)... When Pharma Mafia will start main g less profit you know what they will do? FUND some research and then come out with new limits:

    FBS > 95 Diabetic

    PPBS > 120 Diabetic.

    That's what they do. They did revise some limits for A1C recently i think from Insurance claims point of view in USA. Yes people like me are not liked by

    specialists :)

    Here's another case of NEXUS:

    Paula Deen is a celebrity running Food channel and all her preps were overlaoded with CAR$BS. She herself went diabetic ... She waited for long before declaring to media about her "D". You know why? Because she was silently busy "negotiating a deal" with manufacturer of anti diabetic drug called VICTOZA ... for endorsing the drug on TV .... now this drug can cause cancer in log run ... so see the whole nexus? The MAFIA will never let you rest in peace ... if they had their way they would make money even from grave. VICTOZA was released in India pretty fast ... see the whole nexus?

  • Want something more ... here's it is:

    SAY No to more than 100gms carb/day and enjoy good health :)

  • So come discuss with me if you want to discuss ... if anyone wants to RANT that EGGS are BAD for heart they can ignore my posts ... it's not for CARB Loving People or for people who have been brainwashed by ADA rules/guidelines ... they are all for profiting the Pharma industry and not the patient :)

  • i am diabitic i eat 2 chapaties in morning 2 in lunch at office 3 at night with veg my sugar level 118 fast 240 pp take ayur powder and 100mg metafrt walk and yoga with exercises but sugar not reducing im in tension please advise panchsheel

  • 2+2+3 == 7 chapatis

    7 Indian chapati is around 280+ gms weight

    280+gm chapati will be around 150+ gm CARB ... adding everything else i am sure you are taking more than 200 to 240 gms CARB maybe more (as i am not aware what veg you eat) .

    This is too high.

    CUT Chapati from 7 /day to 2/day eliminating the morning chapati completely and making lunch and dinner 1 chapati each of not more than 40gm weight.

    Next question would be how do you fill yourself up?

    (1) morning breakfast can be Omlete with padding of vegetables like bell pepper, tomato, onion, ginger, green chilli etc. Salt bare minimum. Take one cup mil boiled with turmeric+ almonds + anjeer

    Alternately you can take 1 Big glass of hot veg soup (non strained) made from palak+tomatoe+small amount of carrot with lots of cream added along with nuts like peanut+almond+walnut.

    Can also add sprouts to your breakfast menu for variety.

    (2) Lunch fill yourself with nice preparation of raita +1 chapati + lots of veg and salad. Add some pickle to your meals.

    (3) Night can be just 1 chapati with loads of veg.

    For snacks let peanut+almonds+walnut be your permanent friend.

    Papaya, apple, peach, plum, orange can be taken as fruits for adding variety to life.

    If can eat then add chicken, fish to menu 3 to 4 meals/week.

    No potato,pizza, coke,pespsi,junk food, fastfood, sugar free, sugar, rice., buscuits, crackers ...

    Bottomline: CUT down Chapati to cut down carbs intake. Once you do this everything will improve automatically.

    C OUN T your CARBS/meal and restrict to 40gm/meal and you will be happy person :)

  • i am purely vegetiran cutting chapatis i feel hungry uses green veg thrice a day 250gms

    not essintial curd piclles found of no fast food or sugar free of course my long sitting in bank

    using 2-3 cups of milk tea is common i will be now regular in fruits some body say pappa diabitic cant use is it so i like hot dog say mirchi pakoras or kachoriesetc

    yhanks for quick advice

    regards please advise further

  • Keep NUT (peanuts+walnut+almond) with you. Munch a few when you feel hungry. But keep control on calorie as your job is a sitting job in bank.

    No fruit juices. Eat the fruit don;t drink the juice.

    Papaya is ok.for diabetic. Payapa, Apple, Plum, Peaches, orange etc are ok but take in moderation in one sitting.

    Paneer dish (vegetable, pakodas) is ok.

    KACHOREE SAMOSAA NEVER as it is all made from maida and have all masala loaded with potato which is horrible for diabetics. Yes you will need to adjust ... more carbs you take there will be more hunger cravings.

    Drink 3 l water/day.

    After meals just stroll for 20 minutes.

  • Milk Tea can be replaced lemon tea

    Apart from Ground Nut, Almond- Makhana (Foxnut-contains low GIycemic Index carb) can be used as munchies

    Cucumber, Kakri can be also taken as and when feeling hungry , I hope quantity wont matter here.

    Preparations of Drum Stick Leaves/flowers will be helpul to control sugar. The leaves/flowers can be cooked like other leafy vegetable or can be added to Tur or other dal preparations (cooked in cooker along with pulses or steam cooked separately and added)

    Preparations of sprouted moong/ bengal gram as soups can be relishing with other masalas and ingredient like garlic, ginger, onion, tomato etc.

    Raw onion, Radish, Dal chini, Neem (branches) datun helps in controlling sugar

    One to two Garlic cloves can be eaten raw (chewing in mouth till it mixes with saliva properly) helps to control cholesterol and sugar

    Jamun, seeds, chewing fresh leaves help to control sugar.

    Paan is also helpful, steaming Marijuana and inhaling of vapours (limited quantity) is also helpful. Marijuana Tea of one or two leaves in milk or Green tea are also helpful and effective to control sugar and many other related ailments

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