Diabetes Myth & Fact ( Part 2)

Myth: If you are overweight or obese, you will eventually develop type 2 diabetes.

Fact: Being overweight is a risk factor for developing this disease, but other risk factors such as family history, ethnicity and age also play a role. Unfortunately, too many people disregard the other risk factors for diabetes and think that weight is the only risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Most overweight people never develop type 2 diabetes, and many people with type 2 diabetes are at a normal weight or only moderately overweight.


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25 Replies

  • Don't pass judgement please? read it if you like it, add if you want to add something.

    Facts are Facts whether you agree or not.

  • Entire Medical profession revolves around the word "MAY" ... there's no CONCLUSIVE proof so nothing is a FACT.

    Entire MEDICAL Profession revolves around the "PATENT" industry in America.

    Entire medical profession revolves around dollars for doctors --


    You have Avandia Drug banned after ages ... and GSK hid essential trails data ...

    You have J&J conducting systematic FRAUD with Risperedal and caught?

    The list is endless ...

    In India no one even knows how much doctors get paid for promoting a given drug ... by writing them dutifully after Rx ...

    So how can anything be a FACT?

    On ly FACT which is a Fact is work towards making human body a perfect abode for Parasites called Pharma Mafia ... thats why the entire system is working for ... that's why you have BAXTER releasing live virus to 19

    countries ...

  • I am not a revolutionist. I decide whats best in my patient's interest as per my limited knowledge and scope of practice. The above statement is a myth & fact, its not a research or data that helps promote any drug, diet & direct or indirect business of any company.

    Its ok to tell a obese that he can get diabetes if he don't control his Weight, but its unethical to fear him with Diabetes to make him follow any kind of diet program or pills, to earn money which many people in India are doing. That's why all pharma companies are increasing their business & few people start prescribing tons of Medicine & multivitamins to Diabetic, which can easily be supplied with proper diet & controlled physical activity.

  • It's not about being revolutionists. It's about coming out of the grips of the NEXUS and doing justice to society rather than do justice for the nexus ...

    Was it ethical on part of Dr Ancel Keys to what he what he did then through his entirely FLAWED (read FRAUD) Research -- which has lead to OBESE States Of America? The CARBY Industry is so greedy that there were even attempts to declare that PIZZA is a VEGETABLE ....


    And then we are expected to believe so called "NUTRITIONISTS" for prescribing diabetic diet to we diabetics ... a nutritionist may prescribed INDIA GATE BASMATI RICE ... if those guys load the house with truckload of basmati ...

  • AND BTW, I am not a doctor. I am an Engineer from one of the IIT's and so my inquisitive mind refuses to be an "ORDINARY DIABETIC" who dutifully follows what doctors say. Yes i read a lot and that's what most doctors that i met don't like .... more so when i start questioning them ... one doctor prescribed "Omnacortil 40mg" I stopped going to him and solved my problems myself ... if i tell him about Alpha Lipoic Acid that i started taking to fix my problems i am sure he would be very upset as ALA is not from the "PATENT" world so not something that "Rockefeller Gang"

    would ever like

    If Dr Bernstien joined medical college at 45 to really take control then, why can't every educated person do the same thing now ... READ READ and READ from Dr Google :)

  • Yes why not. If you have interest & time multiple qualification won't hurt anybody. But half knowledge about something don't make anyone a expert on a issue. Finger pointing is easy but every profession has its ups & downs, there are good people who save others life by their knowledge & other make it a business, but at the end of the day can you cannot disapprove the medical profession in totality. You have to trust doctors, Dr Google can not solve all your problem & you cannot self medicate yourself forever. A mix & match may work.

  • My eye doctor (MBBS/PG from AIIMS and a visiting prof here in med college also) called it severe allergy and kept pumping Anti Histamine drugs of 2 different companies for 9 months.

    When things didn't improve and started to get more frequent and bad (see the connection here? ... entire medical profession revolves around trial and error) ... he prescribed OMNACOTRIL 40mg along with all other medicines that would take care of bleeding etc in stomach when i take the corticosteroid (besides of course making me a addict, forcing me to take anti diabetic drugs as corticosteroids would spike my blood sugars for sure and lose control over my D)

    I stopped going to him.

    So called Allergy never revisited me after starting Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg OID on my own. Recently added Astaxanthin.

    At least Dr Google doesn't get irritated like most doctors do when being subjected to queries from a self taught patient like me.

  • Happy that it worked for you but what is following your advice one's loose his vision temporarily or permanently? Will you take blame as a qualified person or a ophthalmologist for it.

  • That's scare mongering.

    What if i had serious problems after taking Omnacortil .. oh i forgot he already said it is some "ALLERGY" which needed to be TESTED with a steroid which then would foirce me to take some anti diabetic pill take some other drug to control beelding in stomach, maybe then take some drug for collitisi which culd develop .... aah it's all MAYBE and poor patient suffers despite paying hefty fees :)

    You doctors force people to sign their own death warrant before putting them under the knife on operation table and you talk of "BLAME" Surprising?

  • Good people yes there are i agree. But with 30 lacs capitation fee paid most doctors have made it a business. Their first target is to recover the 30 lacs. at breathtaking pace.

  • May Be true. Make medical education free, that might bring a difference.

  • No CLOSE all the medical colleges which have sprung up like MUSHROOMS owned by TRUSTS that operate (primarily politicians) it. But who will when the masters themselves are thugs? They will chase Ramdev's outfit with people like Brinda Karat fighting for Airtime on TV camera's :)

    In the city where I am this is a recent case in a pvt hospital ....

    One lady was to be operated for some tumor in her Uterus region and everything was decided and fees quoted was 60K with all so called specialists engaged. After opening up the doctor comes running out of OT and says charges would be 3 lacs as the condition is complicated. Remember this is after the doctor arrived at fees after seeing reports of all those CT scans/xrays/songraphy etc etc (and earning roughly 30% commission of course from diagnostic centers that the pateint was referred to for tests) ... the patients family was not in a position to bear the expense so the doctors stitched the patient back without doing any operation. When this whole case was blown in local media then obviously what followed was mere large scale attempt to cover up entire CRAP. The excuse given was oh we did not demand 3 lacs we were just telling her that since tumour is touching the intestine this is complicated case so will cost 3 lacs .... WHAT Bull CRAP.

  • That's Very Shameful...

  • Medical Profession is full of such cases. In my case the Gyna who was handling my wife since day 1 (this is 20 years back) ... a week before the due date she said oh toms come and get admitted for Cesarian as things are not good. You know what happened? I switched hospital and son was born 20 years back for a total bill of Rs 1500 normal delivery whereas the Gyna wanted 15000 for ceasarian. I can quote many such cases not from hearsay but righht within family.

    Medical profession is now polluted by such THUGS. It's next worst thing after corrupt POLITICIANS.

  • True..What's the solution, & how all this help Diabetic people?, should they all get scared of bad practitioners & stop going to Doctors & Follow Dr. Google.

  • Solution is question DOTORS so much that they change their attitude of functioning as a "VEHICLE of Profit" for "PHARMA MAFIA". This can happen when doctors start getting questioned by patients.

    If doctors don't listen tell them it's our right since we are paying. Basically spread the awareness that every patient has a right to ask questions and doctors just cannot function as PILL WRITING ROBOTS on behalf of the Mafia.

    If they don;t listen switch doctors ... someone will like it happened 20 years ago with birth of my Son but yes one needs to think differently rather than be enslaved by the thug

    You know i discuss my D with? It's a Surgeon and he listens as this is something interesting for him ... and i did ask recommend some NUTRITIONISTS/Dietician and he said you don;t need any because they will not think they way you control your "D" ...

    BOTTOM LINE: CARBOHYDRATE IS EVIL ... as EVIL as Cocaine. It's a performance enhancing drug meant for athletes (though even this has ben disputed recently by some trainer in South Africa) ... normal humans don't need more than 100gm/day. DOGS after a long run don't need Sports Drink. Humans also don't need it :)

  • Interesting article, thank You For Sharing.

    I am copy Pasting a para from it...

    "Although many asked for specific diets, I am reluctant to give such advice. I prefer to give general advice and ask that you please consult a dietician by taking this letter to him or her and asking for help in constructing a healthy eating plan, whilst sticking within the guidelines I suggest."

    Everyone says the same when it comes to individual diet plan or medical plan. Its easy to give guidelines but to make it more effect one on one counselling is needed...Hope you understand what I want to convey to you.

  • Dieticians go by the ADA rules as they are brainwashed by them. He did mention "take this letter" to dietician as he also knows DIETICIANS will say if you take less than 130gm CARB your brain will fog

    Problem is DIABETICS like me understand .... but only DIETICIANS and DOCTORS with DIABETES will understand what diabetics like me understand ... hope you get the point :)

  • What you wanna know about the disturbances in a Diabetic System...

    Metabolic, Biochemical or other?

  • Metabolic syndrome:

    Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of metabolic risk factors. When a patient presents with these risk factors together, the chances of getting Diabetes & future cardiovascular problems are greater than any one factor presenting alone. For example, high blood pressure alone is a serious condition, but when a patient has high blood pressure along with high fasting glucose levels and abdominal obesity, this patient may be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.

    Metabolic syndrome is a serious health condition that affects about 35 percent of adults and places them at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and diseases related to fatty buildups in artery walls. The underlying causes of metabolic syndrome are obesity, being overweight, physical inactivity and genetic factors.

    NOT OBESITY ALONE....Back To the Fact

  • Obesity and Diabetes?

    Of the people diagnosed with type II diabetes, about 80 to 90 percent are also diagnosed as obese. This fact provides an interesting clue to the link between diabetes and obesity. Understanding what causes the disease will hopefully allow us to prevent diabetes in the future.

    Being overweight places extra stress on your body in a variety of ways, including your body’s ability to maintain proper blood glucose levels. In fact, being overweight can cause your body to become resistant to insulin. If you already have diabetes, this means you will need to take even more insulin to get sugar into your cells. And if you don’t have diabetes, the prolonged effects of the insulin resistance can eventually cause you to develop the disease.

    NOT 100% even in sample of 1000 Obese...

  • I am fortunate enough to have a team of best Doctors ,which has helped me in limiting my HbA1C to 6.2 -6.4 level throughout the last 18 months ,,,,, checked quarterly.

    So is the condition with all other tests like Urea, creatinine, CPK, Lipid Profile.... all are well within limits for the last one and half year whereas I undergone angioplasty in 2011 at FEHI, New Delhi.

    In my opinion , adhering Doctors advise, 'strict' followup of their instruction and most important ... timely medications, definitely helps...

    My view ... it is possible that few may disagree... but I got benefited a lot... thankful to the team of doctors who have guided me and helped me in controlling my BS , other medical requirements related to heart and building a confidence within me..



  • Every doctor tries to give good results to Patients & If they get support from positive people like you, disease management gets easier.

  • Can any one throw some light on safety of Pioglitazone in Type II diabetes ?

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