To control you BGL best is cut down CARBS intake. Substitute with good fat and results can be amazing ... read on for Low CARB High fat diet proponent Dr Rosedale

EGG is not bad ... not bad at all as long as you stay away from CARBS that ruin anyone's body in long run. ... in fact all Food cravings is ENGINEERED by industry

Human bodies are being sickened by these LOW FAT Crap Diet to stay fit and reduce cholesterol that is being systematically fed through advertisements and nation after nation is being TRAPPED into being perfect abode for PHARMA Mafia to stick to your bodies like Parasites till your death.


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  • Hi Amiya ...

    Insulin inhibits fat metabolism and CARBS force pancreas to inject more insulin into bloodstream. That's why all those who have gone on LOW CARB DIET have benefited. Reduced medicines, reduced insulin load in blood stream, better health. Coaxing muscles to burn fat is an excellent thing because even the least fat person can run for miles on fat stores. Cutting down CARBS reduces insulin load in blood and hence trains body to burn rely on FAT for SOURCE of energy.

    CARBS are not essential. Agriculture only came 10,000 years ago. Didn't we live before that? This entire "CARBS are necessary" crap has become a phenomenon with the advent of the CARBY PROCESSED FOOD INDUSTRY which also stealthily collaborated with Pharma industry which pumps money to DOCTORS who in turn resort to what people call JUNK SCIENCE to scare people. One such person was Dr Ancel Keys who brought to the fore the "LOW FAT" theory by excluding 14 nations from his study and reduce it to 7 nations because the data from 14 was conflicting to what he wanted to prove. Ancel Keys campaign was so successful that you have the most OBESE nation on earth USA and you have the most successful scam called Cholesterol SCAM coupled with Billion Dollar perpetual SCAM called STATIN DRUGS. After decades when there has been bad press against STATINS now even FDA has woken up from it's self acquired slumber.

    Doctors don't like patients who are self taught. They blame the "Internet" and feel pissed off most of the time when these things are discussed. Who says CARBS are essential for survival. It is NOT. Diabteics donh't need 60% energy coming from CARBS.

    The best doc tor who can treat diabetics is a doctor who is a diabetic himself/herself because most doctors don;t follow theior own treatment when they are dying ... others will talk the same crap ... 60% of energy should come from carbohydrate .... READ ON :) .

  • Dr Bernstien took up medical profession at ther age of 45 as he got fed up with doctors of him time talking crap and still not able to control his diabetes. He is a type 1 and one should learn from him ...

    That's why i said ... only doctor who can treat a diabetic well is a doctor who is a diabetic himself/herself. Rest would just be writing PILLS in return for Gifts from Pharma industry. One who follows doctor's orders dutfuly are called "ORDINARY DIABETICS" by this doctor himself :)

    SO SWITCH TO LOW CARB and Enjoy healthy life and less medical bills and complications. All doc tors that i talked to talk same old 60% CARB energy theory ... ADA also talks same crap :)

    I am yet to come across a doctor who talks Atkins diet, and Dr Bernstien ... why? Because entire CARB Food industry gets hit. Imagine 25 % (persons walking on diabetes in India for example) of population's family walking away from Coke/Pepsi/Pizza ... that would roughly become 50% of market moving away from them. That's what they don't want to happen andhence they will keep funding the JUNK SCIENCE and MEDIA.

  • Read On:

    Sugar is BAD ... good FAT isn't.

    Trans Fat is bad ... remember DALDA ... the hydrogenated vegetable oil industry that first started the scare against healthy COCONUT OIL?

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