Please discourage prescribing medicines for Diabetes or any disease without getting full details of the patient history and face to face inquiry.

Those who are seeking medicines shall not consume those medicines without proper supervision of a doctor or medical practitioner.

I came to see some advice and request for dosage and different medicines.

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  • We do have a disclaimer that states:

    "Content on this site does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them.

    Views expressed are those of individuals and not of Diabetes India."

    This should be something that is understood by the members of this community.


  • I agree . And no one should do this as it may be fatal.

  • It is true...I accept your POINT ...Many of the advices given here are Unscientific...

    Some of the Money minded fellows are misleading the ignorant people...

  • Hi ,

    I have gone through the blog posted by sweetsugarless and other members.

    The basic principle is , that the Doctor of a diabatic patient , is the competent

    authority to prescribe medicine for his patient only but not for all ..

    As the human body construction , differs from person to person , one should not

    take the risk of consuming any drug , given in this site .

    Some people try to promote their product - But do not make your body a testing

    laboratory , for such product . First of all , every medication has its reparcation ,

    which may come out immediately or in later part .

    It is always , safe not to consume any medicine , other than prescribed by your

    Doctor , who has adequately studied your problem /case history , relating to diabatic .

    Since , all the members are intelligent and capable enough to understand , each

    and every thing , they are very much conscious and will not do any mistake ,immotionally or whimsically .

    May God bless you all , to restore good health.

    Karan (Pravakar)

  • Dear Mr Karan,Some points of are good,but your advise to stick by one's doctors advise is wrong. Do you think doctors have any idea of the medicines they prescribe?,They are the puppets in the hands of Pharma companies.,who are out to make money,they are least interested in what happens to the patients,We as patients are guinea pigs in the hands of doctors in turn the pharma companies.Go through the history,about 50 years ago how many pharma companies were there,their medical ethics etc.Now a days only money counts with no ethics.Still you'll advocate for medicines prescribed by your doctor?

  • Hi mykmth,

    Thanks for your feeling about Doctor and Pharma Company. It is true that few Doctors now a days become too much busy and few Doctors do not give patience hearing to the problems encountered , by his patient . I have never said in my blog / answer to stick to one Doctor . But the choice , always with the patient .

    When a person going to litigation , when finds his advocate is not sincere to his case , and does not act diligently to conduct or defend the case , then law has given him the option to change his advocate .

    Here there is no hard and first rule , that one will be under treatment of a Doctor , who is not sincere to him . But when an answer is written , it is always written to take medication under guidance and advise of your Doctor , means , any Doctor to whom you rely or repose confidence.

    Our aim here is not to promote or demote any Doctor , Pharmaceutical Division , rather our intention is to share experience and knowledge what one has gathered out of his long ailing or experience gathered from different source , so that , the intention to educate and share some thing and to create awareness with the fellow members , will be successful .

    You will admit that now a days , treatment and pathological test , are becoming expensasive . If our fellow members , understand some thing about diabatic , then they will be more cautious to reduce diabatic and will try to bring it under good control , so that in future cost of medication will be reduced , as the dose will lowered , by the advise of your Doctor . .

    Changing Doctor , depends on the will of the patient . Our intention should be to share ( knowledge true and correct ) with the fellow members , for which the members , if come across to know some thing new , they will get benefit out of it.

    How many people know , about FOOT CARE PROBLEMS AND ITS ERADICATION . If any body gives any tips on this point , then major numbers of amputation taking now a days , will be reduced .

    I am in busy schedule , by getting time I will try to share , more about diabatic ,its associated deseases , pattern of food, exercise , restricted things such as smoking , consumptioon of liquior and other things one after another . A vast field is there . Please do help , by sharing your knowledge.

    Thanks a lot

    Karan ( Pravakar)

  • Thank you for your help and sharing your knowledge.I just have started to write my blog about diabetics as a whole,the knowledge I have accumulated as a pathologist,a daughter of a diabetic (Psuedo diabetic),wife of one,as well experience with plenty of my patients .Will be covering about all the above mentioned fields,like foot care ,smoking etc the way I have learnt in real life along with some research done on the internet.

    Thank you,All the best


  • Some doctors are doing business treatment but can't say all are alike . We should depend and believe and must have confidence in our doctor.

  • Sweetsugarless,Totally agree with you.We should have confidence in our doctors and act strictly as per their advice.

  • I do agree with you.Without doctor's consultation no diabetes should take any medicine.

  • Hi everyone, i agree with the views of sweetsugarless. It may pose a danger and other complications also to take medicine without consulting a medical practitioner .


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  • yes doctors - to some extent you are right. then why you are promoting particular

    medicines, why you are not following the instructions - name the salt only - is it not a fact

    you are unnecessarily asking for tests - methods being adopted in the hospitals - it is all

    because of this that the people are being compelled to take suggestions from other also.

    it is in almost all the industries and not only in yours

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