Diabetes can be cured permanently. I am doing research for the past eighteen years with my friends and relatives who were suffering from diabetes. U must follow some small steps.


Wake up before sunrise drink one glass of warm water and walk for ten minutes slowly inhaling the air.


Do some small exercises without strain.Some asanas Very useful but u must do with the guidance of yoga gurus only.


After 15 minutes add one teaspoon of thiribala surnam( available in indian medicine stores) with 2 spirulina 500 mg tablets in one glass of water and drink.if u use any tablets u may continue for the first ten days.Afer ten days ur blood sugar level will be normal.


Then u cut 50% of tablets and continue the same for another 10 days and ur blood sugar will be normal.


one month u need not take any tablet and continue thiripalasurnam and spirulina .ur blood sugar level will be bormal and u will get extra energy.

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  • I understand thribala surnam but what is spirulina tablets

  • Are TRIPHALA CHURNA & thribala surnam same medicines Ayurvedic?

  • yes

  • Spirulina is blue-green algae also also known as cyanobacteria.

    @ Appaji - any scientific study pls post link here.

  • i heard about spirulina but not known its power.

    worth trying.

  • i have been taking TRIPHALA for 10 years!!but nothing happend to my sugar levels! though it works

    on so many other things!! can you show us some proof that it helped sugar patients mr appaji?

  • Equal quantity is not working.. Try to make triphala as 1:2:3 Harad:baheda:amla

  • Is it Triphla churan or triphla surnam ? pl cleary fy

  • Appaji,

    I am surprised by your so called research.I have heard of Triphala churan.Is it same thing what you call Tribala surnam.What is spirulina.Where is it available and what are local name in north India.Can you pl describe in detail.Is it ayurvedic /allopathic or traditional herb.


  • Spirulina is a supplement available on myhutramart.com. It is also said to be superfood by WHO :)


    I buy my ALA and Astaxanthin from this site.

  • Thanks Mr Anup for clarifying about spirulina..However the question remains what is Tribala Surnam.Surprisingly no body has confirmed or denied that that it is same as trifala churan or not.Appaji has not commented.can some one give contact no of Appaji so that matter can be clarified furthur or some one realy can help in clarifying availability of Tribala surnam.

    J K JAIN.

  • Has this research been done properly on a sample group of patients and the results published somewhere? does it have similar effect on all types of patients?

  • Your claim is too good to be true.can you give the medical history of persons benifited by your research duly supported by Medical professionals

  • From what i can understand, since spirulina is a superfood, the treatment is basically aiming at reducing total carbs intake. One can only be called CURED if he can eat 1 KG Sweets and still not have sugar spikes which i doubt will be the case

    Tell all patients to eat 300 gms cooked rice (or 75 gm pure glucose in 1 glass water) and see where Sugar level shopts up to :)

  • Mr. A up, have you ever tried for GTT ( Glucose Tolerance Test) ??

  • Yes at home by drinking 75gms glucose (in water) and then measuring sugar readings at 0,30,60,90,120 min. 1 hr peaked to 220+

  • appaji

    you have informed us very economical trifala available at any ayurveda store nnext one is an important single cell algae give 250 times more protein than milk .modern research is based on spirulina n some other single cell organism.thanks for valuable information furnished to me.

  • Is it safe to take more than 50 grams of protein in a 24 hours period?

  • Sorry, It is not at all curable and insulin secretion naturally for a diabetes. You can Manage it as per Doctor's findings and advices. That is all.as and when required to the system is not possible for the present

  • It is a over simplified. Triphala helps in some manner. It gives you vitamin - C and bowel movement is much better. Hence, the gut & digestive system becomes better. Spiriluna is simply a preparation from sea weed and available in tablets. None of these have a direct bearing on increasing the beta cells/islets in the pancreas or bringing down or nullifying the insulin resistance that has set in the diabetic patients. By all means take Triphala & Spirulina. They will help you to some extent with respect to general health. But, they are not the remedies for reversing Type - II diabetes. Too much of protein is not good for diabetics and don't get in to self medication through such information. Follow a good fibre rich diabetic diet. Eat more number of times in small quantities and thus maintain the calorie levels in your body. Do exercise regularly. Improve the health of your blood cells both by exercise and pranayam under guidance. Take your medication as advised by your family doctor regularly. Just bring diabetes under control with a combination of all these and accept that you are diabetic and live your life normally.

  • You people are simply beleiving the allopathy doctors .if you go for diabetic wound they will give a long term treatment and will mint money from you. What i am saying is not my own .it is more than 5000 years old sidha treatment. Simply iin my own experience my wife was suffering from diabetes for the past Eighteen years. When some bubble came due to high sugar the wound was very severe and after spending nearly twenty thousand rupees i apply alovera gel .within three days the wound was cured and she came to normalcy. Sidhas told about many herbals .one is aavarm poo. A herbal which is the entire parts can be used as supplementary and can save the lives. There is one proverb in tamil " aavaaram irukka saavaarillai " which means use aavaaram and u can conquer death. And Prophet mohammed nabi told about blackseed that it is a medicine for all diseases except death. I suggest the natural way of food supplementary and i am not a businessman. Most of the diabetes friends do not follow the walking,exercise,yoga,and food regulations. What i have suggested is in my experience to my friends.

    I am preparing and giving another food supplementary. And i have posted thi in another blog.

    Take 100 gms of babul tree gum (gum arabica) ,100 gms almond gum (badam gum), 100gms black seed 100gms wheat,100 gms barley,100gms ragi, and 50gms each of all whole grains .make it into powder and take one table spoon of this powder and one teaspoon of oats add it into three glass of water and boil it for 5 minutes until it come to one glass .drink it befor breakfast and in the evening. Continue for 15 days .test ur blood sugar level.continue for 30 days.ur sugar level and energy level will be normal.

    Many of my friends who were taking sugar medicine but sugar level was not lowered were happy now after drinking this and sugar levlel is normal and blood pressure also normal.

    Food is medicine.medicine is food.follow this .and be happy.

  • GUM plays same role as Pectin in Apple... why GUM take any sugar free pectin jelly and it will have same effect as GUM :)

  • But,the fact is "Diabetes is not curable"!

  • It is scientifically proved that diabates can be controlled but can not be completely cured.

    alopathi and ayurvethic medicines taking together is whether advisable?

    Controlled diet and regular walking/exercise will help to reduce blood sugar level.


  • Triphala is a good colon cleanser. That's about it.

  • I had mentioned last week that there is a cure for diabetes in homoeopathy. A doctor in Mumbai has clinical proof of reducing the sugar level from 251 fasting to 60 within 6 weeks. Mukund Shah 9870425450

  • thiribala surnam nmeans Triphala

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