I am right and perfect

I am right and perfect to follow the health principles. I shall give one or two hours lecture in any subject related to health issues. This is the general attitude of everyone but he /she himself/herself don’t keep the rules or follow the principles.

Millions and millions of money is spent every year for medicines, consulting fees, scanning and laboratory tests,operations, stay in hospitals, travel to hospitals, wasting time and energy.

Diseases are two types (1)some ailments disorders or diseases come to us by accident , by change of climate or by natural calamities.(2) Some diseases or disabilities are the product of our pride or ignorance or carelessness.

We eat meat or chicken produced giving the animals and birds enriched with artificial hormones or polluted infected mixed with insecticides, canned foods, biscuits, sweets, beverages and foods that used harmful colors and preservatives. Over eating and drinking large quantity of liquors change people preys to furious diseases.

Avoid meat, junk foods, tinned foods ,preserved foods, liquors, beverages ,ice creams ,sweet and artificially flavored foods. Have plenty of vegetables ,fruits tubers and peas .

Have starch rich food and fatty food in small quantity. Change daily consumption as you like in rotation.

If any of the food is not felt comfortable to your stomach or digestive system, avoid it in future.

Take breakfast very early in the morning dinner at noon time supper little at early night.

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  • What you are saying is very correct. But I doubt even if we avoid canned and preserved food etc. we can totally avoid the effects of pesticides insecticides etc, as we have to depend on inputs bought from the market.

  • Canned have other dangerous stuff besides pesticides which get carried over. So all JUNK FOOD (including packaged/canned) is to be throw out of house. Mall culture has really ruined public health wherever these malls went. Malls are ok for America where there's 1/3 population and 3 times the land that India has but not for India where you can find a store at every corner.

    Diabetes has gone up from the day India went ahead for liberalization ... after 1991. Same things have happened in China also. Does anyone kn ow wHAT shit IS BEING SOLD BY Mc Donalds, KFC, Donimos etc? Theya re literally selling poison but we love it because it sounds HEP and Upmarket ...

  • What about food for thought? Entertain pure thoughts. You are poisoning your body by watching senseless serials news and talk shows on television, reading news papers containing voilence and rapes, political third grade news,

    gossiping.. Avoid these and you will have improved health and feeling of well being. Give a try for a month.

  • Thanks a lot for your experience with others. I fully agree with us as I am Yoga Consultant and Naturopath.

    Hari Om Tat Sat

    Es Kay

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