My Hb level was 8'9 Following medicines were taken (1) Clarithromycin 500mg BD 14 Days(2) Tinidazol 40mg BD 14 Days(3) Esomeprazol 40mg BD

(3) Esomeprazol 40mg BD 30 Days (4) Bifilac One a day 15 Days After 1 month Hb level was found to be 8'0. Nothing was found in Enteroscopy , Colonoscopy and CT scan. Now FEFOL is prescribed BD for a month. This question is being raised to know your view in the matter .I am 77 years old and my HbA1c Test shows a figure of 6'5



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2 Replies

  • cosidering ur age u could have started insulin with doctors advice.

  • I am taking 30 units insulin in the morning and 10 units in the evening


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