Most of us forget our body is aimed for hard work/exercise to be kept clean should get enough food and enough water. Lack of anything or excessive of anything or spending time only for enjoying by eating drinking and leading an idle life bring all sorts of diseases and ailments and discomforts gradually. Women and girls should be careful for having good enough food drinking water enough exercise and highest cleanliness. All the diseases of the lower abdomen and hip back area are related to these factors.

Lack of enough exercise for the abdomen especially lower abdomen causes circulation block to the pancreas intestine uterus ovaries bladder genital organs and upper and lower legs and hence the person becomes the victim of severe rheumatism muscular pains lower back pain knee troubles muscle cramps of legs and abdomen etc.

Try these exercises regularly with patience

( Early in the morning before rise up do this.)

Lie on back, fold both legs holding with both hands crossed, around the knees and try to bring the knees near the chest or touch the chest. If it feels any inconvenience release a little and hold for just 60 counts or one minute.

Lying on the back raise both legs slight up without bending, hold at the calf muscle by both hands at both sides. Holding there tightly get the legs down to touch the floor straight at the same time raise the upper body to sitting position. Again lie down raising both legs holding at calf muscle. Repeat six times next day 12 times next day 18 times.and continue till the stomach becomes tender and slim.

( After rise up do this.)

(1) Stand erect feet 1.5 feet(45 cms) apart ,both hands up, fingers unfold, bend down, try to touch the toe with your fingers. ( if it is not possible now, don’t mind). Then slowly come to erect posture with hands up, then put down your hands. Repeat this 3-12 times gradually.( first day 3 times second day 6 times third day 9 times so on)

(2) Stand erect, hold your hands together fingers crossed, above your head.. Turn RIGHT, not changing your legs’ position, bend down, move your body, hands and head to front then to the left and then go up slowly and turn to front let hands down. Repeat this two more times. Again turn LEFT first and do the same three times as described before.( increase the number day by day to 12 times or more)

(3) Stand erect with feet close, heels touching each other, toes 6 inches apart, hold both hands placing on both the hip bones gently. Rise up a little giving weight on the toes, then slowly sit down but heels roused and sit on the heels for a few seconds. Go up slowly to erect posture then stand on the feet( All these time the heels are raised). Do this 3,6,9,12,or15times daily.

Your cramps anywhere of abdomen and legs will be gone. Muscles of chest, belly, waist, buttocks, thighs and legs will have good relief and get good figure.

(Walking only does not give enough exercise to al limbs and organs and internal organs. Walking about 3 kilometers may required 1hour time. But the above exercise requires only about 30 minutes. Above all you can do this exercise even in a room.)

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  • Thanks good information.

  • Dear,

    Thanks for your excercise instructiuon.

    Gone through your blog it is very useful i have copied this blog & decided to do this exercise regularly as you have recommended..I am requesting my dear colliques please go through this blog & keep your body always fit & healthy.

    I hope you can able to give the diet food for the Diabetes. waiting for your reply.

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