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Is Glycomet GP2 good, are there any spurious Glycomet GP2


I am on Glycomet GP2 one tablet 15/20 mins before meal at 10.00 am and half tablet 15 minutes before meal at 7.45 to 8.00 pm.Sometimes I changed the schedule and t6ook lunch and medicine as late as 2.00 pm in the evening. My blood sugar is still high. What to do, I am a lazy man, hardly do exercise....

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Please keep a record of your readings. Ideally you may use a glucometer at home and take the fasting and pp readings at home every alternate day and get the tests done at a reliable lab twice a month. With those reports you can visit your doctor after a month. He may decide if you need to change the medicines. As far as spurious drugs are concerned, it is not rare in our country. The minimum we can do is to go to a reputed shop and buy medicines against proper bills/cash memos where the seller mentions the batch number expiry period etc. as required.

i m tking metformin or glycomet ,is there any side effects of dat ?

what is the dose and since when u are taking?

have you got a record of the sugar levels or the HBA1c test report.?

years of record will help you to understand or guide

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