Nutrilite Glucose Health- A organic product for Diabetes

A scientific formula of powerful nutrients that assist your body in the metabolism & help you maintain healthy blood glucose levels that are already within a healthy range.

Product Description :

A scientific formula of powerful nutrients- Chromium Picolinate, Garcinia Cambogia, Gymnema Sylvestre & Vanadium.

- Per serving provides 100 mcg of chromium which comes from Chromium Picolinate, the most readily absorbable bio available source of chromium.

- Contains 300mg of Garcinia Cambogia ( fruit) which supports carbohydrate metabolism.

- Contains 33.3 mg of Gymnema Sylvestre ( leaves) which support cholesterol & triglyceride metabolism

- Contains 33.3 mg of exclusive Nutrilite Parsley concentrates which provides additional phytonutrient benefits.

Benefits :

This is a scientific formula with powerful nutrients that assist your body in the task of metabolizing and breaking down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, the components of a typical diet. This supplement in combination with a nutritious low calorie diet and moderate exercise helps you maintain healthy blood glucose levels that are already within a healthy range. Also supports good digestive health.

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  • it's BAKWAAS product from AMWAY.

    120 capsules of Gymnema from Himalaya cost Rs 160 only and is excellent :)

  • i think u r unable to convince peoples about ur products - Because of ur language

  • I don;t have to convince a nyone. Himalya Drugs is a far better company than Amway for sure because entire Amway philosophy has been absed on once upon a time MLM / Ponzie scheme marketing so products cost 10 tiems the moeny like with all MLM companies.

  • MLM is a scam sir. It was under scrutinize even in India. I know a good deal about Amway and their pricing.

  • Diabetics don't need this for sure and i say this because i am a diabetic and i stay away from all such SCAM products. Quality product for Quality people. So those who buy Amway are quality people I like this attitude ... almost similar to the thinking that those who buy iPhone are rich people ...:)

  • Anup ji free suggestion for your diabetes :

    Be positive

    Exercise regularly

    Sound sleep min 8 hrs

    Take Good Nutritions

    Do not take chemical based medicines available in the market easily. i think these 4 piller hepls you maintain your Blood sugar level normal .

  • Most beneficial is CUT Down CARBS ... it makes control much easier at least for NIDDM/T2. Once is a while cheating is ok as long as one knows what will happen and takes care. Best secret is EAT To Your METER.

  • NUTRILITE products offer the best of both nature and science:

    Nutrilite plant concentrates are made from the finest natural ingredients grown according to sustainable farming principles, reflecting our commitment to the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the surrounding communities.

    They are the direct result of extensive research and laboratory analysis, ensuring high-quality nutrient and ingredient combinations, based on proven scientific evidence.

    The products listed include some of our most popular nutritional supplements, which may help you achieve better balance in your nutrition.

  • I think that usual food products in taken in correct proportion and quantity maydo good job. Possibly nutralite will add to calories?

  • Nutrilite will not add to calories. This is because it is just a dietary supplement made of plant extracts.

    You have no need to worry about extra calories.

  • To people opposing Amway. I don't understand how you guys can comment on Amway products without even using it. Seriously!!! It would be better if you comment after using those products.

  • Can nutralite be taken if your liver function test showed sgpt 61 shot 60.

  • My BS fasting hovers between 140 to 150 and pp 170 - 180. Can glucose health from Amway restrict my sugar level. I have noticed for some time that whenever my sugar level increases my right foot swells slightly. I regularly use calmag and salmon omega. Those two helps me a lot. What is the dose of glucose halth?

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