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Controlling Blood Sugar Level


Carboyhrates are basically main source for formation of glucose in human body. I check increase in blood sugar by restricting or minimising intake of carbohydrates ( food like rice, atta, potato etc.) and suplement my loss of meal by increasing intake of food with either less or no carbohydrates such as vegetables etc. A regular excercise of at least 45 minutes is a must for me. Recently within three days I could reduce my blood sugar level from 370 (FF) to 125(FF).

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wow..very nice yr comments..i lik it..i am 62 of age..try to follow yr exercise..can u brief me..iam retired person of no work other than going market for daily kitchen items..

While restricting of Carbohydrates intake will definitely help but drastic reduction only by reducing intake of Complex carbohydrates may not have long term benefits. I suggest you may go for smaller balanced meals with major part as protein with complex cabs and fat with vegetable and fruits. You may have about 1800 calories during entire day divided into 6 portions, 3 major and three minor. I suggest gradual reduction in food intake will be much better than sudden reduction.

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Is there a suggested menu with alternate items for 7 days of a week following above principles of balanced diet totaling to 1800 calories.. [mainly for the vegetarians not even consuming eggs]

wow awesome,very much increase in labeling sugar it is strange that u have make sugar low in two days, it is strange...thanks for your comments

My exercise is mild jogging continuously for a minimum of 45 minutes.

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walking is the best exercise for diabetics. walking 30 min in the morning and 30 min i n the evening would be very beneficial than walking only once a day. moderate diet control is a must. eat more vegetables preferably raw and drink plenty of water , green tea etc. it keeps you full. and proper medication and regular monitoring of blood sugar will help one to lead a healthy life in spite of being a diabetic.

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I think this a very good advice and I aim to follow the same as of today.

thanks again

my sugar level flactuates inspite of my taking regular medicine & walking if some one knows please help me to control my blood sugar level: Ashokgoyal muktsar

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How to do carb counting?

To my understanding fluctuation in sugar level is due to irregularity in life style. Our body resond to our way of living. If we adopt a regular and strict way of living every thing will remain the same. As for example, if we fast, the body uses our reserved energy and it automatically starts making more reserve energy lateron to coup with such situation. Similarly an irregular way of exercise too imbalance our body's metabolism. Hence the best way is to choose a suitable life style i.e. fixed time for exercise, suitable items and quantity of meal and working as well as resting time. I am sure this will stabilize the sugar level.Though it is difficult since we have to respond to our family and social responsibilities.

Yet Iam personally trying hard to keep my sugar level under control by adopting this method.

Follow this very basic food eating tips:

1. Eat only when ur hungry [don’t go eat lunch just bz its 1 pm...don’t eat time basis]

2. Chew 25 times [count literally each bite]

3. Don’t drink water before or during or after food for 1 hr minimum.

4. Stop when you get 1st Burp while eating. When you chew 25 time, you will get burp - its a signal that ur full.

5. Finish dinner on or before 7 pm

5. Then do walking daily 30 mins a day.


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