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A very rare, cancerous tumor in the heart.

I just got my Dexcom G6

for checking sugar readings. I am type 2 with insulin. My fingers does not give enough blood. So Dexcom.

Reading instructions, I found this -- it says, if you are taking medicine

Hydroxyurea, kind of Chemo..... do not use Dexcom G6.

Just for info.

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Seeing the title of the post, I got momentarily worried. Wishing you good health, Fatbuddy.

"Primary cardiac angiosarcoma is an angiosarcoma that arises in the heart. Despite being very rare they are the most common malignant primary heart tumor with 10–25% of cases being angiosarcomas. Symptoms may include shortness of breath, chest pain (46%), hypotension and syncope. Superior vena cava syndrome is reportedly a complication of cardiac angiosarcoma. Due to the non-specificity of symptoms and rarity of the disease it is often missed by doctors and initial diagnosis may be delayed. A 2012 study reported that 56% of patients presented with pericardial effusion with or without cardiac tamponade. The most common finding on imaging is cardiomegaly. Prognosis is generally very poor with a mean survival rate of three months to four years following diagnosis. Metastasis at time of diagnosis is common."(1)Links:-




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