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India's Covaxin can neutralize 617 variants of Covid19 - Says America's Pandemic Expert & white House chief Medical advisor-Anthony Fauci

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Covaxin, India's home-grown Covid-19 vaccine, has been found to neutralise the 617 variant of the deadly virus, White House chief medical adviser and America's top pandemic expert Dr Anthony Fauci said.


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Thank you for the post.

"The new variant, called B.1.617, was initially detected in India with two mutations -- the E484Q and L452R. It was first reported late last year by a scientist in India and more details were presented before the WHO on Monday"

617 number can be misleading!

You can read more information on "variant B.1.617 (the ‘Indian variant’)" here in the below link:

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namahaAdministrator in reply to sandybrown

Thanks for the link...a good one ! The virus is changing its colours in different countries....UK variant , African variant, Indian variant, Mexican variant ...and so on...

But it is not surprising at all. I believe, though science may have discovered 6-7 variants so far, but in fact there may be 1000's as it keeps mutating very fast which is the basic characteristic of covid19 though every virus mutates .

Sir I. Got CovidshieldHope it is also same as covaxin


You may find some information on the link below:

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namahaAdministrator in reply to Mohannandigana1952

Dear Mohannandigan

Don't worry Sir ..both covishield and Covaxin are equally good against Covid19.....You are fully protected ...from vaccination point of view, as long as the antibodies last in your body. 🙂

However, we don't know yet , how long the Vaccines can protect us..???

So please don't ignore basic hygiene practice .. .using mask, eating warm home made food, Hand Hygine, maintaining social distance . ...etc etc .. all are equally important !

Because, there are many other virus - some are already discovered and some undiscovered yet....

Thanks and i follow your instructions

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