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9-Foods that could Prevent Alzheimer's, Dementia & Schizophrenia-The 9 Neuro's

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As a natural aging process, as human beings get older, Sleeplessness, insomnia, decline in memory set in gradually. This could finally affect the Brain health and could result in to Alzheimer's, Dementia, Schizophrenia.

Diabetes carry more risk of Brain Health as the disease progress.

In a research study, people those who sleep less than 7 hours per day, it was found out that this is partly because of lack of some critical Micro and Macro nutrients in our Diet and also at times mal-absorption of nutrients in the body for some peoole.. These critical Nutrients are Magnesium, Niacin, vitamin D, Calcium , Dietary Fiber , B6, B12, Phosphorus and many others as you can find out from this article.


Dr Dean and Dr Ayesha -both are leading Neurologists of USA have been researching to find out as to what foods exactly human being should add in their Dietary regime to ensure brain health and prevent /delay progression of Different brain diseases. Both the Neurologist s had lost their patents in Alzheimer's and it appears they have dedicated their life in researching brain health. In their latest video , Dr Dean & Dr Ayesha have short listed 9 foods that human beings should include in their diet to preserve brain health and to prevent / delay progressions of Alzheimer's, dementia ..


Apart from Diet, what else you can do to improve your sleep quality & quantity which is very much essential for your brain Health ???

Improving Sleep Hygiene, CBT( Cognitive Behavioural therapy) are the 2nd line of treatment after diet... may be I can post a seperate post ....watch out this space for more information ...

However, if you are already experiencing sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, feel little depressed and sleep hygiene , CBT has not helped, you may please consult your Endochrinologist, Neurologists or... Psychiatrist..There are safe treatments are available nowadays to deal with anxiety, depression and improve sleep quality , though the first line of treatment of choice are diet, exercise , sleep hygiene , CBT , Yoga , Pranayam, Meditation.

Stay Healthy , Stay Safe and May God Bless you πŸ™

Disclaimer : This is for information and educational purpose.This can not be a substitute for proper Medical consultation with your Doctor.

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Thank you for the post. There is a book to sell as well.

May be one day there will be a pill to take with all the 9 super food for better health.

Take care.

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namahaAdministrator in reply to sandybrown

Dear Sandy

A Pill with all nutrients is a great idea if there is a Govt regulation with regards to its Purity of the contents.

Currently, in most countries there is no regulation on vitamin, nutrient supplements. So you never know what the pill contains. Sometimes , it may be simply filled with rice flour or sugar Powder.

So the best strategy is to get from diet and if required pills can be taken on Doctor recommendation and if such pills are manufactured by reputed companies.

I know there are lot of books on superfoods for sale , but I never bought them.

I have a dozen of Nutritional books which I had got free from my university during my Nutrition course .

Stay Safe , Stay Healthy ..take care πŸ™

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sandybrown in reply to namaha

Thank you.

I look at the video clip, we do use most of the 9 items that are discussed. The problem in UK is all food items are imported.

Take care.

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namahaAdministrator in reply to sandybrown

All items discussed in the video is locally produced here in India and readily available round the year at affordable price. The only exception is blue berry, imported , expensive..however Strawberry which is equally nutritious is locally produced at several places and available in season.

The only point is that we don't eat often... We should make it a point to add these items daily in our regular diet.