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Any one has used InCheck meter for testing temparature , BP and Sugar ?

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I have purchased one and have been using it for some time now. I have also been checking the reading in Accu-check ( Sugar ) , Varilux( BP ) etc . The results of InCheck meter is way out. Temparature reading looks absurd . I have taken up the issue with the provider .

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I too purchased Incheck meter 2 months back. Readings are really absurd. Despite protracted follow up with the supplier there was no improvement at all. I have given up now. I advice members not to buy this & waste your money.

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vksmadhavan in reply to surtal

Thank you for the feed back . I am in touch with the seller and let me see what happens. I won't give it up .

Technology is god but the product need to be manufactured to a high standard. They are very quick to take an order, order processing is very slow, customer service is not good at answering the calls. I placed an order for this product December last year then cancelled my order in January this year and got my money back. Nearly 30 % more to ship the product to UK. I wanted to try this product and let the community to try it out as a simple device to use.

One have to up load daily data for the technical people to analyse the data for accurate calibration!!!!!!!!!!!

Any way, may be in few years the company can produce a user friendly accurate device.

Thank you Sandy Brown . I am in touch with the seller and they have responded and I have to provide them with more data . I shall do this and see what happens further.

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surtal in reply to vksmadhavan

I provided the data for more than 2 months , 3-4 readings daily. No improvement happened. Any way try. Best of luck.

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Yes , they are yet to refine the product. Not sure how long they will take to transit from current developmental Beta stage status to a more reliable user friendly full scale commercial product .

I too find the meter is not yet showing consistent readings...I keep giving feedback in whatsapp with images of every mismatch readings.....

I have also purchased based on a comment in our group.Even though I sent feedback by WhatsApp no calibration or response wasted the money.Is there any way of returning the product?

I have purchased one two months back. It shows all parameters absurd.Needs improvement in machine.

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