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Corona virus coming to an end in India?


Very interesting news report.

What is different in India compared to rest of the world?

Please reads full report :

Take care.

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Typical BBC style of reporting i.e "Speak without Proof and write whatever you want".

"Most scientists believe that many more Indians died of the infection than what the official figures reveal. India has a poor record of certifying deaths and a large number of people die at home."

sandybrown, this article looks like "vayathericchal" than anything else. I hope you understand


namahaAdministrator in reply to barani19

BBC perhaps is not aware as to how many political parties are there in India to oppose the Govt many indian languages india has and that how many TV channels are there in each language...and the penetration level of TV and other digital media phones in all nook and corner of the country.... strength of Indian News media and digital media each and every town and village...One abnormal death in any corner of the country gets reported in news media and then taken up by any of the dozen opposition parties...... Media , 100's TV channels not controlled by Govt.... after all it is the biggest democratic country in the world...😀

India was also reporting million cases in August-Sept....when it was high....

Thereafter people became conscious ....took all precautions .....ate all healthy, Pranayama/physical exercise ....and enhanced immunity...

barani19Administrator in reply to namaha

Hi namaha,BBC/western media is well aware of the ground situation in India. Please know that there are lots and lots of informants across every zilla,village, towns working for them. They know India more than you or me.

I was in Chennai for couple of months [Dec,Jan] and I observed that many are not wearing masks nor following social distancing. The same is applicable to Bengaluru now. Not many are wearing masks here.

I completely agree with you on your point on the enhanced immunity . People enhanced their immunity via healthy food along with various spices plus immunity boosters like Kabasura kudineer[very famous in TN], Ayush kwath etc.

Not many do Yoga or Pranayama nor they are physically active.

Sorry but I had to comment - Corona is all over India right now. I was there till 2020 end and my family and friends are still there. My family is quarantined at home and one by one my maid, driver and sweeper all got covid. They did not show the doctors and all assumed that its the flu. Before coming back to our house went we tested them for covid 19 antibodies - they all seemed to have covid. None of these cases were reported or treated. When one of the elders in their family got covid and died they reported the death as cardiac arrest or multiple organ failure. Covid cases in India are going totally unreported so false propaganda stating that India doesnt have covid or is dealing with it properly is rubbish.

There is a farmers protest with 100,000 odd ppl, election rallies in Bihar, Bengal etc with millions of people rallying on the news and not a single person is wearing a mask. So this is really quite rubbish.

sandybrown in reply to powerlady


Thank you for giving a real life story.

Where are you now and have you had the vaccine?

Do you know how your family got infected?

In the beginning one person gave his account of the problem in u-tube. He had to go to USA via London and he got Corona on his return to India, as it was early days no one had any understanding!!

When we see the cricket match in Chennai on our TV, news it id difficult to understand of Corona, no one was wearing any mask!!

Take care.

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