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Insulin Question for Type 2 Diabetes


Has anyone tried the insulin powder? I saw an article on Twitter and Better India today, looks promising for Type 2. Here's the link:

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I think it is not insulin powder as the caption suggests. It is a herbal powder worth a trial considering the background of Dr. Gour. Nice of you for giving this information.


There was a discussion on Insulin plant a year ago. Few countries do grow this plant, some people cook the leaf, some people make a drink.

You can try it out.!!

take care.


Have you consulted your doctor about the use and side effects before starting the insulin powder? Not everything is going to work the same way for each person. If you hadn't consulted the doctor, please call/video chat with them and see what they say so everyone is on the same page. Also, this is to be on the safe side so no one gets sick or worse. Please let us know what you find out. :-)

Stay safe, happy and healthy! :-)

guru64 in reply to Activity2004

I just saw it in my twitter thread and posted here to see if anyone has heard of it, have to check with doc. thanks.

Most doctors, in India or USA, dont like to comment, advise or talk about anynatural ( ayurvedic or herbal)


Only way is to try and find out your self.

Or research if more data available.

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