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Upadate on T2D diagnosis- Prescribed with insulin Lispro. And no need to panic as per Doctor


An update to previous post: As I previously mentioned that I was diagnosed by T2D. My doctor gave me Insulin Lispro (40Units daily) and metformin 250 mg prolonged release. He even told me no need to panic and just make diet as well as exercise like you don't have diabetes and you're targetting for weight loss. He told me took insulin for one month or two. But after taking insulin, I feel burning sensation during urination. Is it common problem? After my research, generally insulin is given to terminal patients or T1D. I even started Low carb high fiber diet and exercise. But because of that I feel bloating in stomach. Even after exercise and high fiber diet, it is common problem or I am with abnormalities.

Today FBS was 82 and PPBS was 146. Is it because of insulin or diet and exercise?

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What type of insulin do you use? Some people can be allergic to what it’s made with and may have to switch to a different type.

It is insulin Lispro-fast acting one. I am fine, no allergic reactions yet.

Insulin lispro is used to treat type 1 diabetes (condition in which the body does not produce insulin and therefore cannot control the amount of sugar in the blood). It is also used to treat people with type 2 diabetes (condition in which the body does not use insulin normally and therefore cannot control the amount of sugar in the blood) who need insulin to control their diabetes. In patients with type 1 diabetes, insulin lispro is always used with another type of insulin, unless it is used in an external insulin pump. In patients with type 2 diabetes, insulin lispro may be used with another type of insulin or with oral medication(s) for diabetes. Insulin lispro is a short-acting, manmade version of human insulin. Insulin lispro works by replacing the insulin that is normally produced by the body and by helping move sugar from the blood into other body tissues where it is used for energy. It also stops the liver from producing more sugar.

Metformin is generally well tolerated. Common adverse effects include diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain.




Last week, I had been diagnosed by as RBS was 327 and Hba1c was 13.2.

Dr. gave me Insulin Lispro per day 40 U; 20 U before breakfast and 20 U before dinner. Before lunch, he told me to have metformin half tablet of 500 mg prolonged release.

But after this medication, my sugar came down to normal range. The FBS was 82 and PPBS was 146. I checked that myself yesterday.

I am just worried about the insulin. Are my reading is worth having insulin dose of 20 U before breakfast and before dinner?

I always reduce or increase my Insulin (Human Mixtard) dosage by 2 units each in the morning and evening according to low or high sugar level. But You should check your blood sugar daily. Strict control of diet and vigorous exercise together with effective medicines may reduce your sugar level below the normal level. (72 mg/dL). In such cases hypoglycemia may occur frequently. Delaying breakfast after taking insulin may cause hypoglycemia resulting in seizure or death.

When were you diagnsed ?

What was A1C when first diagnosed ?

I am shocked that dr gave you insulin right away --and

40 units seems high -- how

many times do you take it ?

That is total per day -- did he

say different dose for morning, lunch and dinner ?

Do you check BS before

meal and adjust insulin dose ?

Since you take for only one or two months --it is good. Check A1C again.

You may have misunderstood LCHF diet it is low carb high fat diet and NOT low carb high Fiber as you say.

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Last week, I had been diagnosed by as RBS was 327 and Hba1c was 13.2.

Dr. gave me Insulin Lispro per day 40 U; 20 U before breakfast and 20 U before dinner. Before lunch, he told me to have metformin half tablet of 500 mg prolonged release.

But after this medication, my sugar came down to normal range. The FBS was 82 and PPBS was 146. I checked that myself yesterday.

I am just worried about the insulin. Are my reading is worth having insulin dose of 20 U before breakfast and before dinner?

Well, I thought, LCHF, includes lots of fruits,vegetables and whole grains; so it might be related to high fiber.

My doctor simply told me to do weight loss diet and no specific diet as such. Should I follow LCHF diet then? My height is 5 ft 4 in and my weight is 86 kg.

Suggest me suitable diet plan.

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Yes, LCHF diet is better.

Need to loose weight

Spend two --three hours every day in this form --lots of info on LCHF diet

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Please talk to your doctor and ask what type of diet would be best for you. Not all diets work for everyone-- same as certain medications. If one person takes a type of medication for allergies, that medication helps that person, but may be not right for the other people and they can get sick. No one wants anyone getting sick or worse.

I am afraid you need to consult a specialist to find out how to control your insulin intake and diet.

Type 2 with insulin, calculation of insulin dosage in very important.

Your last post six days ago and your latest post a day ago, you may want to combine some of the information given.

It is imperative that every one who respond to your questions fully understand the details.

Please take the medication as given by your specialist.


Dear Swapnil

I have got some advice for you ! Please read this carefully and you may like to act accordingly.....

You are just 29 years old, very young have a long way to go.......

Whether any of your parents had Diabetes???????... or else though nowadays it is common to see this kind of blood sugar disorder at a young age like you phenomenon due to worsening life style conditions , eating junk food/ fast food daily, Eating a lot of maida based stuff such as white bread, burger, Potatoes white rice, a lot of sweets, Sugar based food , refined carbs, Excessive Carbs Carbs and Carbs throughout the whole day and then eating at 11PM dinner and going to bed at 11.30 PM..... sometimes coupled with alcoholic drinks and smoking ..... and lack of physical exercise .....and then stress at works....

All the above will lead to sure shot Diabetes....Obesity ..........

Please read and understand fundamentals of Nutrition ........You should read and understand what is Carb , Protein and Fat and how they are metabolised by body??????.......what food contains what ????? What is Glycemic index ????? Which foods are High Glycemic index and which are low GI ?????

Now while you follow your doctors advice with respect to medication.....since your weight currently is 86 , aim to reduce your weight by a proper diet and exercise .......

You should have your dinner early and have a minimum of 3 hours time between dinner and bedtime... Never never sleep at day time.....Remain active.... Walk Walk Walk whenever possible ......

The most important test you should talk to your doctor and carry out a test called C-Peptide blood test and also fasting blood insulin test which will indicate your pancreas beta cell status....and circulating insulin in the blood.....

This forum is great ...members can guide you with rich experience and knowledge on the subject....and keep in touch...

May God bless you... Stay healthy and Stay Safe !

Dear Namaha,

Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I will think about it. I, myself, is biotechnology students. So, I know the biochemistry very well. Still, I will brush up few things as you suggested. My kidney reports are normal. My doctor also reduced insulin dose by half. I managed to reduce my weight by 3.4 kg in last 14 days. Last week my random blood sugar is 120. My FBS was 86-111 and PPBS 120. This week my RBS was 146.

Doctor told me if I keep on reducing weight, my condition will reverse as RBS is coming in pre-diabetic range. I am keeping tab on my diet and excercise. I have focused on low calorie and low fat plant based diet plan. I am taking two eggs each day along with yakult low carb version. As probiotic bacteria required to digest fibers and they also improve liver and pancreas function. So that's all about today. Very soon, I will control my blood sugar levels and try to reverse the condition.


I think once you have realised what is required to be done for you for your Health, you have succeeded 50%... the positive results you got also indicate the efforts you must have put in...

Please keep it up....

You must remember that "Rome was not built in a day"... GO gradually and slowly and don't be in a hurry to reach your goal...

Hope you are aware that whether it is protein or carb , 1 gm gives you 4 calories of energy where as 1 gm fat gives 9 calories....

So if you want to eat say 1200 cal diet per day to sustain your body, if you want to eat only carb / protein you need to eat 300 GM's of Carbs/ protein which is very high to spike your Blood sugar and demand high insulin putting pressure on your pancreas...

On the other hand If you want to Fat alone , you need to eat approx 133 gm of Fat.... Which again I will not recommend to take all fat only, though it will not spike your blood glucose as they are very low in GI.

The smart way is to eat more fat to have maximum energy and eat some protein and fewer complex carbs..........

Please Find out which is the optimum ratio for you...

Stay Safe and stay Healthy !🙏

Thank you again for valuable response. I know it will take at least a year to recover my body, pancreas and liver. I will be targeting for it.

The point, I want to make that it true that 1gm of fat produces 9 kcal energy. But our body need everything in adequate portion. But if I keep on adding fat, suddenly I need less mitochondria in my body-the powerhouse of cell. That will result into another metabolic syndrome. And fat is already present in obese person like me, so I guess it will better I will go for plant based low carb diet.

My doctor told me intersting thing, do monkey have diabetes? And the answer is no. Be like monkey and follow diet, exercise and activity like them. They eat lots of carb with more of dietary fibers. In our body, fat is needed as reservoir and solvent for biochemical processes. It is essential element that body can produce.

In diabetes, the metabolic control is needed. After getting too much fat will result into disaster. In obese person, because of abdominal fat pancreas are not able to work properly. Once it is removed. You are good to go but always remember it can come back if you not take care.

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Please Google, "do monkey have diabetes?" you may find an interesting answer!!!, In UK, I watched Zoo animal health programme. This was the reason for me to do a Google check.

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Dear Swappy

Hope by now you must have understood that LHCF meaning is Low Carb High Fat, but not Low carb high Fiber as originally thought by you ☺️

And please remember , in your case I recommend a LCHF diet , but not a high carb diet ....

Anyway , you need to consult your medical practitioner anf check your circulating insulin level and c peptide

Please read the post link below :


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