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My hbA1c was 5.7 3 months ago and now it's 5.3. I lost 17kgs.. Please guide me as I want to build muscles


Hello folks. On March 1st, I went through a routine test and found out my hba1c was 5.7 for the first time in my life with a grade 2 fatty liver and no doubt that was the result of my 2 years of overeating (binge eating) and drinking beers. Then, I went on a very low carb. diet. It was almost a 800 cal. diet and my hba1c on 15th May was 5.3 and same on 15th June. Are there any complications or serious issues? Do I need to make any strict diet changes or what are the chances of getting type 2 Diabetes with or without strict diet changes? I mean, can I have one cheat day in a week? Also, my fatty liver came down to grade one.

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What was your BMI? And What is your current BMI after LCHF?

If your Hba1c was 5.7..... you never had type 2 diabete in the first place.

Only a few people with simple fatty liver go on to develop stage 2 of the condition, called nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). NASH is a more aggressive form of the condition, where the liver has become inflamed.

Fatty liver can lead to a number of health problems. Fortunately, it can be reversed if addressed at an early stage. Following a healthy diet, increasing physical activity and perhaps taking supplements can reduce excess liver fat and decrease the risk of its progression to more serious liver disease.

Training after 40 is different. Like it or not, you're going to lose muscle mass as you get older, and recovery can also be different than when you're in your twenties. Staying strong and lifting safe means accounting for your ageing body.



When you say HbA1c is 5.5, I take it is 5.3%?

You have taken the first to ask for help which is good, now you need to look at the options available to control and keep blood glucose levels.

I went through life style change and lost weight. There was a cost involve as I was working, I had to get a new cloths!!! how much did it cost you to buy new cloths.

Diet change even after loosing 17kg?? get a small plate and a small dish, eat plant of green leaf veg, all over ground veg , Asian species.

What is your weight, height and waist now?

What medication are you taking?

My blood glucose in control with life style change, watching out for hidden and free sugar in food and drinks. At the moment gym is closed because of lock down therefore mainly walking and out door cycling which is difficult for balance at the age of 73.

I am going for a blood check this Friday. I have tried to avoid medication, only time will tell.

Fatty liver, did the doctor say what caused it?, is the medication helping you?

There are many new papers on fatty liver, may be you can do some research.

I drink moult whisky, no ice, no mixer!!!. My family were worried about this. I still drink, in small quantity. I am not going to give up my drinking!

You talk about overeating and drinking. I could have 4 pints of beer lunch time and go back to work and again in the evening more drinks. I had an excellent job, I travelled to different cites 4 times a month, aeroplane food stayed in hotels, had rich food and drinks, that life style has gone for good. Now new life style and regular exercise.

Take care. Do not worry, enjoy life. Stress is something you have to watch.

relax you are fine dont get unduely worried and keep repeating hba1c etc

I congratulate you that you have come down from grade 2 to grade 1.I personally feel that 800 kcl diet is too low.Increase it to 1000. Try best to cling to veg diet . Ocassionally cheat once in fortnight but cheating should be ethical.I mean within limits.Avoid stress and live happily without worrying much.But keep on checking hbA1c every three months.Thanks health unlocked team.

Bro! Hb1ac nowadays anywhere b/w 6-8 is considered normal for diabetic folks so no need to worry but drinking is going to have long term effect on your body

Gain weight also depends to your family traits .i.e. parents are overweight or not. Building muscles can be done with gym but you need to careful in maintaining that

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No-one should be satisfied with an HbA1c above 5.8%. I can understand where health professionals set higher targets, because they try to set a target that they consider might be realistic for a patient from their current position, but ultimately it's because those patients have been given a skewed paradigm of what healthy eating is, invariably eating too much carbohydrate, and sometimes too much protein too.

It reads like you have your blood glucose under control now.

Muscle building is a matter of increasing the demands made on the muscles to stimulate an adaptive response of growing (stronger). Always train safely. If using heavy weights, train with reliable people that can prevent you becoming trapped; don't do squats nor bench press alone for instance.

Do weight training, allowing at least 24.25 hours between training the same muscle group. Start by doing just one set of each exercise, 6-8 repetitions, rest just 3 seconds then perform one more rep. Do mainly compound exercises that stimulate large areas of muscle, such as squats, weighted dips, overhead press, chins/pulldowns, calf raises, and bent-knee leg raises.

Aim to make small, incremental increases at most sessions, such as just 1kg in the overhead press.

Train each body part at least once every four days.

As you grow stronger, doing more work in less time, the blood fills the vasculature too quickly to enable the same intensity of contractions; you will start to struggle to perform the required number of reps. Don't struggle or you will risk injury. At this time, decrease the number of reps per set and increase the number of sets (for example 7, 6, 5 reps). but time the rest between sets accurately and keep to only 30 seconds each.

God bless you.

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