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South Asians are 20 per cent more likely to die of coronavirus after being admitted to hospital than white people.


South Asians are 20% more likely to die from Covid in hospital than white people, reveals major UK study into 35,000 patients.

you can read more here:

How true is this?

What is common here? all Indians eat rice, " Is rice the problem or water?"

Total death in UK, 42000 therefore 20% = 8400.!!

How do we interpret this information? Look at the total in India, and other countries!!!

Terrifying chart shows how Covid-19 patients who end up in hospital may be almost certain to die if they have a vitamin D deficiency.

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Oh! You poor Rice.

Unfortunately, it seems to miss the important piece of the puzzle that the death rate is much lower in these countries. Even though blaming food for Noncommunicable disease is acceptable, in communicable disease world it is strictly frowned upon.

At least blame the Briyani rice and make it cheaper.

why Can't Low vitamin D might be a consequence rather than a cause?

Useful article!

Thanks for sharing!

How do you explain lower death rate in as compared to UK?


Dear Sandy

A month back I remember, had posted on this topic of Vit D deficiency linking to Covid19 Deaths......

More and more studies seem to be reconfirming the linkage.

Whether it is an Asian, African or an European, it is death of a human being ...very unfortunate .. leaves behind a lot of mental agony and grief for the family , relatives and friends....☹️

If you see for example india has 1400 Million people , the infection as of today 3,96,000. Cum death is 12900...

UK has a population of 67 Million people with infection of 3,00,000.. Cum death 42400...

So if the infection rate and the mortality rate is so low in India and so also the entire Asia , Africa, why is it that Asians and African mortality rate is so high in UK when compared with native Britishers....

Very interesting and logical question and there is a logical answer based upon studies conducted on Covid19 Deaths across the Globe for 117 countries .....

Yes, it is all linked to vit D deficiency due to lack of UV-B exposure... ....South Asia and Africa are close to Equator.....where People get adequate Sunlight UV- B exposure..... Natural vitamin D..... the skin pigment called Melanin develops which protects these people from uv induced skin aging... at the same time allows the body to make vit D naturally....

Now , the study of 117 countries indicates that as you move 1 degree after 28 degree north of equator, the mortality rate increases by 5% due to Covid19 infection. This is because as you go towards north the amount and severity of UV- B decreases natural vitamin D drops among the people living there ....

Then how come the native British are better off than the South Asians and black as far as Covid19 mortality...

I would refer here the study conducted by Dr Michael F Holicks , MD, PHD an American Endochrinologist & Professor, who spent his entire life on research on vitamin D deficiency on human beings .....

He says A Native man born and brought up in North say Uk his skin pigments develops according to the available sunlight in such a way that he is able to absorb efficiently with whatever little UV- B he gets...that is nature. ..

If a man coming from UK to India in extreme summer and expose his body , he is likely to get a Sun Burn...because his skin is not meant for the harsh and severe UV-B Sun light exposure .

Now let us come to the point that when a South Asian or an African migrating to UK due to Job compulsion , his skin pigment already developed in his native country near Equator to absorb harsh UV-B of the Equator to produce Vit going to a place where UV-B is less severe...his skin may not be able to synthesize Vit D to the extent required even if he spends more time under the Sun ... so he in all likelihood will be vit D deficient....unless he takes vit D supplement daily .....and he makes it a habit to expose his body daily for longer time until his body skin pigments start developing to absorb UV- B....though which appears impracticable.....

Jerry & Leah... This is informative ...if you would like to share it in any other forum if you want ...

in reply to namaha

Thank you for your response. Always learning.

Any relation to Oxford university?

Co-author Professor Jon Rhodes also added that, "Vitamin D is an unusual vitamin -- it is a hormone and we get most of it by the action of ultraviolet light on cholesterol in the skin. Unless you live in a sunny country or eat a very large amount of oily fish you are quite likely to need supplements to maintain a normal level."

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It is a hormone which gets synthesized naturally by body by the action of Sunlight UV-B waves..which is most effective and efficient way of getting Vitamin D....

Vitamin D as dietary sources from Oily fish is very less and does not meet the daily requirement... Today we are talking of 2000 IU per day....or even more.... in case of deficiency, the Doctors prescribe to the tune of 60,000 IU per week for 8 weeks and thereafter 60k per month.... which fish will give you this may get hardly 200 IU max in a large portion of oily fish.. .

Again whatever little Vit D is found is mainly in wild fish which normally live in deep Sea and eats Phytoplankton...

The farmed fish which is normally available in the market are commercially grown by feeding commercial fish-Feed such as soyabin and other grains to increase the size and weight of fish hardly has any vitamin D... and that too there is every chance of Sea fish getting contaminated with Toxic substances found in Sea water such as Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), Mercury-Hg, Arsenic, Lead .... Since a lot of city / industrial waste is discharged in to the sea....and there is oil spilling from ship / tankers....

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Most diabetics develope vitamin D and B12 deficiency.

I read somewhere many years ago and i check both in blood test every six months and take supllements to keep in upper range.

Do not believe this study.

Was this for only Indians living in UK ?

Most Indians eat spices --specially ginger powder and fresh ginger --which supposed to help prevent

cov virus contraction.

In India, much less death due to COV 19, why ?

Just learned yesterday, in our childhood ( 1950s),

we got BCG vaccine for

TB -- which may be helping

prevent getting COV.

in reply to Fatbuddy

Very interesting!

"Is this only in India "BCG vaccine for

TB "?

What is BCG?

in reply to sandybrown

Dont know --I was only five years young -- it was mandatory, before getting admission to school. First grade, we did not have KG

( kindergarten ) at that

time in my state --Gujarat.

Also, found something new today. In one of the city

in Gujarat, city mayor

converted all public phone

booths ( stand alone ),

into a steam bath. Positive

COV turned to negative in just two days. Article did

not say how long you have

to take steam bath and how many times per day.

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