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Gilead Announces Results from phase-3-trial of remdesivir in patients with Covid-19

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Gilead life sciences- An American Biopharmaceutical company has announced results of phase 3 trial of an antiviral drug called Remdesivir.. the results found effective...

Earlier USFDA had given an interim Approval based on phase 1/ 2 trial...

It appears until a vaccination is developed, Remdesivir can serve as an interim solution.

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WE wait for a vaccine that has had proper trials not one in a hurry.

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Dear Sandy

Good morning !πŸ™

We are talking about two different things here!

(1) One is vaccine as you said everybody anxiously waiting for a preventive and proactive measure!

Hopefully, the vaccine would be successful at one shot..... and approx 8 billion doses would be required to cover the entire world .....

(2) Second is a treatment plan for the ones who are currently sufferring from Covid19 infections...and as of today there is no standard treatment plan... Nations are just having their own trial and error / Hit & miss methods of drug administration ......some country is using HCQS, and some are using a HIV drug/existing anti-viral drug, some one is using Remdesivir and some one is trying with Blood plasma from Antibodies from Covid19 cured person....

So there is a need for a standard treatment plan ... and USFDA seem to have given an interim solution fir Remdesivir based upon human trials by Gilead.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy !

According to info from Italian doctors, it is NOT a virus. They even say that ventilators and ICUs not required. Deaths are result of blood clots --caused by some bacterial infections.

This was concluded after

performing biopsies on many dead bodies, against


So no vaccine or drug required or will help.

In India several Ayurvedic treatments are availanle. In my hometwon -- small town there were three positive cases and they all survived after one week treatment.

Also at Vadodara, there were two doctors from UK

attending some special training, one had contracted cov and after one week treatment tested negative.

Not sure what type treatment they had.

As prevention, every one should drink warm water, or hot tea, three or four times a day.

Another thing is to drink

Half teaspoon ginger powder with warm water,

two or three times a day.

Take vitamin C and D.