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Very stressful due to covid 19


I am 58 year old,schizophrenic, working 2 days a week now a days due covid,my reading were normal fasting 99 pp under 140 due diet,exercise,without medicine.But now a days very very stressful,not able to sleep,not able to focus on exercise,readings going little high.,taking all precautions also for covid..How to cope up present situation

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Dear Rashmi

You lab numbers appears absolutely fine. Nothing to worry...

You may like to join a community " Positive well being" :


First thing, you're not schizophrenic since you have not lost your relationship with reality, as evidenced by your post, which is quite clear. Come out of that thinking by indulging in some useful activity like: reading, yoga, painting, etc..

Hi Rashmi:

You are good as far as the Blood sugar numbers are concerned.

But the stress may escalate this.

Not trying to scare you.

You need to keep the numbers down consistently.

If you have been diagnosed by a Psychiatric Doctor as 'schizophrenic', then you need to adhere to his medications for sure.

If you have hard time getting sleep, then that would be the # 1 item that you may bring to the attention of the Doctor (during next visit).

One medication MELATONIN might help, if you can get (harmless and no side effects)

Worth considering meeting with a therapist...........their job is to identify the root cause of your schizophrenia (if you have) and also the increased stress level.

Please make sure that you sleep well for at least 7 hours.

Your stress level should come down.

Please practice some yoga (including some breathing techniques) and try to forget if any past events are bothering you.

You may listen to some good music that will calm your mind.


Good luck to all and prayers (on this auspicious day) for the illness CORONA virus to go away from this world.

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