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Covid19: India's 1300 Million People to observe Self Isolation as a Strategy to fight against Covid19


People have been asked by the PM , India to observe " Janata Curfew " which means self imposed Curfew on 22nd March...

Though it is symbolic for a day , the basic objective is to bring an awareness among people that Social distancing is the only way to contain the spread of the virus....

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It is a good step to control the virus. I take it all place of worship, eating places, school and other activity places like market all will be closed?

Different country is taking different steps. I read Singapore took detective work to trace people with virus and made sure they stayed at home.

In UK as always the Government is asking people to stay away from crowded places!!

Only time will tell.

The % of death in China and Italy is giving different numbers, may be something to be learned from this to control the virus where many elderly people are living..


Thank you namaha this is very sensible advice. 👍

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