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Cardiac Implications of Corona Virus Attack: Guidelines from the ACC- American College of Cardiology

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As per the study by the American College of Cardiology, most of the Corona virus affected people die out of cardiac failure if they already have some cardiovascular condition ... It also says if someone is already having cardio vascular conditions, he is more vulnerable to the attack if he is exposed to Corona virus...

ACC have issued guidelines that if you are already taking Beta blocker, ACE inhibitors, Statin etc, continue to take it as it would give you additional protection against the corona virus attack..

Disclaimer: Please contact your Physician and don't do any self medication. In case any one of you have flu symptoms, contact a medical professional ....

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Not only cardiovascular problems corona also causes neurological problems

What a start for 2020. Many health problems. Who is controlling it. A test for peoples honesty!!!

Each and every country have to offer full uncontrolled information.

The question is why wit for a 13 hour flight to arrive to UK before looking for help?

If x number of people are taken out for checks what about the rest of the people on the flight?

How about the people at the departing airport? Check in counter, security check? shopping at denature? , waiting is the Q for food and drinks and so on.

If we want to control we need positive action.

I am afraid save the face plays a big part.!!!

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Dear Sandy

What happened to you today πŸ˜€???

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May be I spoke too soon!!

Reality check.

Yesterday's news.

""British Airways flight from Kuala Lumpur was held up on the tarmac for two hours when it landed at 6.45am

Health workers in hazmat came on board the BA34 flight and set up a privacy tent around 'family of eight'

United Airlines Flight 901 from San Francisco locked down at 9am this morning after landing at the airport. ""

Eight people were checked. No news on the other people, support workers and crew members on the BA flight.

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Yes , sometimes it appears illogical....

For example, Earlier , India was screening all passengers arriving in India from China, Hongkong ...

Now, all passenger arriving from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand are also being screened..

But they may pass thermal screening , but they may still carry virus since incubation period varies up to 2 to 3 weeks and till then he may not not have any symptoms or temperature !

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I totally agree.

China is cleaning it's bank notes. May be there will be a lot of changes in the food market set up.

In my travels I never took nuts from a common bowl in a bar, always asked for fresh nuts in a small bowl!, WHY? Tests showed high chemical from human hands!

Given all this I was in a hospital, in Singapore, looking after my brother for 4 weeks a day shift 7 -7.

I used to go for lunch at 3 PM, a small hot lunch. Breakfast and evening meal at home.

Never ever thought of catching any infection!!!

News of one more viral infection which resembles corona virus is going rounds It is known as --- Melioidosis .

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Sandy & ila

Virus is more dangerous than bacteria !

Virus can spread rapidly through Air and multiply where as bacteria transmission is only through contamination with food ,water and physical contact ...

Look at this example: 2000 health workers in China in spite of all precautions have got the infection...even the masks have not helped ...

Virus is much smaller than bacteria and it uses all available modes for its transmission:

Air, Food , water, physical contact / touch ...

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As per reports this Melioidosis is equally dangerous and the incubation period , it seems is 2 to 4 weeks . It seems to be a planned agenda as per the reports . some super powers specially China are behind this program to attack the enemies with germ war fare . China wanted to have control over her enemies but in the process she herself fell a prey to her bad intentions .

There are many questions unanswered. The doctor who found the virus first should have been listened to?

There used to different type of inspectors going to different countries to inspect various activities. International help is always available to take it if a country wants it. Why would a country decline the international help?

Now the virus is in many countries, every one have to be careful in human contact.

The question is who is going to clean all the coins in circulation? where do you start?

It started by design . Now it has gone out of their hands , Cleaning of coins , notes , wearing of masks and other measures help up to a certain extent only . All the advanced labs world wide should work for finding out a solution which acts as an antidote before it takes a big toll on the humans .There is no guarantee that it does not affect equally the other life on planet earth .Already the bush fire in AUSTRALIA was said to have killed millions of species which could create ecological imbalance , Now the two new viruses would complicate matters further .The new virus 'MELIOIDOSIS'' is said to spread through soil and water .

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