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Type2 email response from a UK University.

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After watching a video clip from Professor Taylor, I wrote an email to the Professor who spoke on the video asking for information.

Below is part of email response with general information. Hope the information can help other members.

Please have a look at the link for more information:


Dear Mr

Thank you for your email. All information about the diet used in our research is freely and widely available on our website:


We advise to aim for a 15-20% decrease below the starting weight.

It is all about restricting calories, by whatever means is convenient.

Very interesting on calorie count.

X-PERT book talks about carb count.

Next mission is to work on carb and calorie!

Too much fat within the liver and pancreas prevents normal insulin action and prevents normal insulin secretion.

Both defects are reversible by substantial weight loss (less than a gram of fat within the pancreas prevents insulin being made. But to lose that amount, people have to get rid of around two and a half stone of fat overall. The visceral fat itself does not do the damage, but is a good marker for increased fat within the pancreas) - using total food replacements or just adapting ordinary food stuffs to achieve the same effect.

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thanks for sharing this information sandybrown

The focus is on weight-loss, but that too is a symptom.

It's the reduction of insulin levels that is the key. That improves insulin-sensitivity. High insulin levels can be thought of as being similar to the effect of a pneumatic drill on hearing; the more exposure, the less the recipient cells work.

Harmful excess visceral fat results from this over-exposure to high-insulin stimulating foods meal after meal, day after day, year after year. Even proposed 'cures' have been detrimental; the Insulin index rating of skimmed-milk is 2.5 times that of whole-milk.

I think this is important because a significant number of type 2s are not overweight. I had a client that was at the lower end of the 'healthy range' of BMI, followed the Eatwell Guide, and their prediabetes continued to worsen. It was when they changed to a carbohydrate-controlled diet, getting a significant amount of calories from nuts and olive (oil), that their condition improved; blood glucose normalised without losing further weight.

Thank you.

I am trying to use full fat milk, full cream and butter. It has been difficult for other members of the family to accept it!!

I am trying to watch the carb but family is watching calorie.


Dear Sandy

What the researchers say may be true for an Obese type 2, where the lever and pancreas may have been covered with fat and so with reduction of body weight by Calori restriction could work....

But what about lean and thin type 2??? With 18-20, BMI, He has no weight to lose!

Diabetes is such an disorder, there is no one fit solution for all....

Unfortunately , all researchers talk about weight reduction , they feel all diabetes are obese and all Obese's are diabetes or "would be diabetes"....

This is far from true....

If there were one fit solution for all, there would not have been any diabetes in the world.....πŸ˜€

Yes one can always manage the disorder by a combination of Diet, Exercise, change in Life style, and medicines.....

There is nothing to worry... Diabetes is manageable ..... And people known to live for 80-90 years with diabetes.....

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