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chest cold and cough


sir for the past 10 days I am suffering from cough and cold. I am taking ASCORIL SF recommended by pharmacist. the cough subsided but the cold is not diluted and cold doesn't come out. I hear a whistling sound during night. can anyone help me to solve this I am 84 years old

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Hi medico76,

I'm sorry to hear that you have a cold and cough. Have you seen your doctor to make sure you don't have bronchitis? Sometimes, when I have a cold and a cough, I end up with bronchitis a few days later. If you don't feel better in the next two days, please call your doctor and say what you've told us and would like to come in on an emergency basis for an appointment this week. Please get some rest and feel better soon. :-)

Make a chicken soup, boil chicken cuts with bones, tomato, onions, garlic,red chilies, for an hour in slow cooking. Wait for it to cool before drinking the soup.

Drink it slowly with a tea spoon of lime or lemon, this can help. The other drink hot water with lime or lemon and a tea spoon of honey.

Egg coffee with brandy or whisky, can also help.

Give both a try.


I normally put some eucalyptus oil in hot water and inhale the fumes,keeping the head covered with a towel.The relief is fast and remains so, for several hours.

Cold is due to an infection and cough is a symptom and taking treatment from a pharmacist is plain stupid. You have to be treated for the infection causing the cough. Most of the times the infection gets severe because of the antihistamines in so called çold remedies'better put up with the embarrassment of a dripping nose than go for antihistamines to suppress the symptoms. Remember that the nasal secretions hel to wash out the infections and stopping them causes what is called ass dry rebound and after that the clear nasal discharge will turn yellow due to overriding bacterial infections leading to the later infections of upper and lower respiratory tract.

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Cold is transmitted and it is due to infection. There may be medication for it or grand mother's teaching to drink soup and other boiled leaves and species.

Then there is cold due to allergy, antihistamine is taken to treat allergy.

This cold makes the nose drip like a tap. When I was growing people did not have understanding and used to put medical powder (snuff) to clear the nose and it used to help them.

We all need to understand the difference between the two.!!

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