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Diabetic foot

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Hi all

In spite of trying, I seem to have developed a diabetic foot. I had a minor scratch on my left ankle that's developed into an ulcer which is not healing on top of it I had been developing deformity in my ankle joints.Now the situation is such that the local doctor says that I should go to some higher center for treatment. Can you people help in finding good doctors who specialize in treatment of diabetic foot in Delhi/U.P.

Also if some one may suggest the costs involved :(

4 Replies

As. Your doctor say you need specialist treatement.

Use google for your local area,you may find help.

You need to act quickly to stop your foot problems.


Saw some video about using raw cabbage to treat the wound. Please google

in reply to velkumar

Pure honey is the best medication!, again Google.


Don't neglect it..

Not trying to frighten you, but diabetic leg amputation is becoming very common nowadays..

You can avoid it before it is too late. I would strongly recommend you to visit Indraprastha Appollo Hospital at Sarita Vihar on Delhi Faridabad road and consult a Endochrinologist and he may like to refer to a skin specialist or any other specialist within the hospital.... But then they would own up the entire issue..

It is a corporate hospital. the cost of treatment could be higher if it requires hospitalisation ..

If they manage with OPD , it may not cost much...

Please don't delay ...

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