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My blood urea is normal or not

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My hba1c is 6 creatnine is 1.16 and urea is 44 I am worried about urea is it dangerous

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Dear Prasha

Your urea of 44 is towards higher side...

Creatinine is ok...

I am not sure since when you have T2 DM... And what is the past history record of HBA1C...

Don't worry dear. Good that you have become conscious now...Kidney does not fail all of a sudden.... It is a gradual process and in most cases it takes decades to fail completely....

T2DM' s are vulnerable to kidney failure unless one is alert...

Fortunately , it is easy to prevent if one remains alert and prevention is better than cure ! 😊

(1) please consult with your doctor and do a test called ACR ( Albumin creatinine ratio) . If it is with in 30, nothing to worry.. your kidney is safe...

Albumin is a kind of protein and is useful for the body and kidney is not supposed to release through the urine. Creatinine is a waste and kidney is supposed to release through urine...

(2) But if it is more than 30 which would mean that you have microalbuminuurea which is the first sign of kidney failure. You need to take action...

(3) Don't worry if it is more than 30, consult a Nephrologist immediately and in all probability he would recommend a drug called Telmisartan which is an ARB ( Angio tension receptor Blocker) . It is commonly given to lower BP and irrespective of its blood pressure lowering effect and whether or not you have high BP or not, this drug you need to take which would reduce the ACR.

Consult your nephro and this drug is 100% safe.

In fact nowadays it is a standard protocol for an endochrinologist to prescribe a low dose Telmisartan / ARB for every T2DM whether or not one has BP considering its proven benefits of kidney protection....

If you are T2DM and not taking ARB, please do consult your doctor and start taking a low dose ARB daily.... To reduce Albuminuria and protect kidney..

May God bless you all!

in reply to namaha

Microalbumin report is normal

in reply to Prasha

If your ACR is ok. Your kidney seems perfectly ok.....

Recheck your Urea values in another lab.

And consult a nephro..


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