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Blood Sugar 340 to 143 using Now Lemon Essential Oil

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Obviously I know my pm reading was terrible, so there's no point in making that comment.

What I wanted to offer here is my experience with Lemon Essential oil. Before bed, I rubbed 3 drops on the bottom of each foot especially my big toes area in the crease between the big toe & foot. The morning results were outstanding.

I used NOW brand Lemon essential oil and it's very cheap.

Also, this oil dramatically reduced my sleep apnea events according to my monitor.

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Good news.Is it extracted from lemon grass ?

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ramana42Volunteer in reply to ramana42

It is made from lemon peels.Can be made easily at home with peels from 6 to 8 lemons and about 250 ml of coconut oil.Found from Google.

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Have you talked with your doctor about using the Lemon Essential Oil? Some medications can cause allergic reactions/blood sugar issues when using them.

Are your numbers correct? How can an external application reduce your internal blood numbers, please explain.

How many days you experimented?

Well, the link below to an article may help to understand!!

Where do you get this lemon oil

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Haldin21 in reply to tvkd

Am I only feeling it or others also feel that this is doubtful. Please give some more details.

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Good to hear of your success. I've come across reports of people in Egypt and Middle East using essential oils to reduce their BS. They would dab the oil below or near the [inner] ankle bone. Elsewhere, I came across a report of someone using grapefruit essential oil - she would put a few drops under her tongue and said that it helped to decrease her BG. Not all essential oils can be used internally. When used topically, mixing with a carrier oil is usually recommended. Some articles on the subject can be read here :



I'm curious - where did you get the brainwave/brainchild from? Hmm, what about using lime instead. Will that work too?

I started using as he said. I report after a week.

One curiosity why below the big toe.

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Haldin21 in reply to muddavidyut

Likely to be personal preference of Dsaxt. Those in Egypt and Middle-east have reported application of the oil BELOW their [inner] ankle bone. So, putting it under the big toe is news indeed.

lemon oil is only a mild anxiolytic agent when applied locally in diluted form.

it has nothing to do with blood sugar levels.the claim made is unlikely to be true.

Dsaxt has not responded till now...

This is nothing new.!!

My belief is if any one does a post, then they need to look at responses at regular intervals just like keep alive in IT network to make an impact on the post.

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Everyone can check the postings/comments when it’s convenient. 😀👍