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Here are the top 5 ways in which 100% pure, stabilized R-ALA fights nerve damage and eases the symptoms of your severe or advanced neuropathy:

*** NO 1 -- R-ALA regenerates itself and other antioxidants (i.e. B vitamins) that help repair damaged nerves and neutralize nerve-kiling free radicals in your body

*** NO 2 -- R-ALA promotes better blood flow and oxygen to the nerves supplying your nerves with the oxygen and nutrients they need to heal

*** NO 3 -- R-ALA is gives you faster relief because of its ability to cross the blood/brain barrier and go straight to where its needed the most

*** NO 4 -- R-ALA Is both fat and water soluble, which improves the function of cell transporters  that carry and distribute glucose

*** NO 5 -- R-ALA promotes the entry and breakdown of glucose into cells (converting it into energy)

But remember !

NOT ALÂ alpha lipoic acid supplements on the store shelf are the real thing.

Avoid synthetic alpha lipoic acid (S-ALA) supplements as they are not as effective.

Look instead for 100% pure, stabilized R-ALA.

You get the 600mg of R-ALA!

That's the same amount used in the clinical studies that have shown it to significantly reduce nerve pain in as little as 3 weeks.

SOURCE- my private email from distributor- NOT advertising.

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Very interesting information, Fatbuddy.

P. S. : May NOT be available in India or UK - The formula also contains other ingredients.

Your private email please?

have sent you - private message

May I know where and how to find it in India.

I am NOT sure it will be available. However, I have seen some posts that REgula - ALA - is available in India OR on

IF you have serious problem- check ABI test and check with doctor.

Also take Vitamin B1,B4, B6 and B12 supplements.

Haldin21 in reply to Fatbuddy

Check out R-alpha lipoic acid supplements here at where you can get it low shipping rates.

The underlying problem of type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance leading to high blood glucose. If a treatment brings down the blood glucose but the levels of insulin remain high, the condition will worsen and increasing amounts of treatment will be needed.

If you don't reduce the glycaemic load of what you eat, and/or the amount of insulin stimulated to cope with what you eat, whatever the treatment it can only be a short-term fix.

Fatbuddy in reply to Concerned

Thats why - we recommend LCHF diet

Then why most doctors - does NOT give any advise about reducing Insulin in blood. ALL doctors prescribe medicine - such as metformin and others - and most of the times , over time the effects of medicine is reduced and need higher doses.

What should a person ( type 2 patient) do to reduce insulin resistance ?

In the UK doctors are bound by codes of practice.

However, three years ago Dr. Unwin was awarded by the NHS for innovation. Fundamentally, he simplified to his patients where all the sugar was coming from in their diet .

The insulin index lets us know how foods affect our insulin and IGF-1. As well as confirming that high-glycaemic foods stimulate most insulin, it proves that protein also stimulates insulin, and removing the fat from milk stimulates 2.5 times the insulin of whole milk.

Your private email address please.I am awaiting these type medicine for nerve damage.

Fatbuddy in reply to rcsahu

read above - comments -- see where to find - buy on amazon- if not in USA


A medicinal herb -- 'Tinaspora ' helps in reducing the effects of nerve damages . But while taking any thing ,caution should be exercised as to not to take excess . Tinaspora if taken for 3 weeks and after a gap of three weeks taken again and later after a gap of 6 weeks gives 90% relief with out much side effect . Tinaspora brings down the sugar levels also . It is better to plant it in the garden and a daily dose of two leaves is sufficient .

Fatbuddy in reply to Hidden

Do you have any reference article or info ? where do we get it

Fatbuddy in reply to Hidden

***** Tinospora cordifolia is used for diabetes, high cholesterol, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), upset stomach, gout, lymphoma and other cancers, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), hepatitis, peptic ulcer disease (PUD), fever, gonorrhea, syphilis, and to boost the immune system.

Tinospora Cordifolia: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and ...

***** Tinospora cordifolia: One plant, many roles - NCBI - NIH

by S Saha - ‎2012 - ‎Cited by 78 - ‎Related articles

Tinospora cordifolia commonly named as “Guduchi” is known for its immense application in the treatment of various diseases in the traditional ayurvedic literature.


Fatbuddy in reply to Fatbuddy

Clinical trials to support dosing are limited, with 300 mg of a standardized aqueous tinospora stem extract taken 3 times daily for up to 6 months.


As far as my feed back is concerned there is no need to take it for 6 months . I was told if two leaves are taken daily for 3 months the sugar levels come down considerably and nerve pain also gets relieved . Tinaspora cordifolia known as GUDUCHI is very effective in the diabetic menace . I believe it is very easy to grow in the kitchen garden and once planted it does not require much attention as it is not attacked by pests .

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