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Can I stop taking metformin?


Since May 2017 I have been reducing my carb intake and also doing intermittent fasting - I skip breakfast. My doctor has taken out Dibizide M from my prescription and I am now on just 250 mg metformin at night. I also do a 36 or 48 hour water fast once a week. My HbA1c has come down to 5.4 from 6.4 and my weight has reduced from 100 kgs to 85 kgs. My blood work has very good readings. My BS (mid-Jan.) FBS/PPBS is still - 126/98. For a week now I have been trying Long Wheat diet at night.

I am wondering what would happen if I stop taking metformin for a few weeks or months. Is it advisable?

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You need to discuss changes in medication with your doctor.

Well done on your progress so far. You need to be cautious of what change the LWD causes, and whether you are fasting too long/too frequently.

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My doctor (of 10 years' standing) is clueless. He however took me off Dibizide M which he had prescribed five years ago. He did say that coming off metformin altogether is not medically advisable though my HbA1c has been 5.3 and 5.4 the last eight months.

I am wondering what is happening to my IR. Is it the same or has there been some improvement? The HbA1c changes could have come about through the IF and the lower carbs though I am not fully on LCHF. Is my diabetic condition still intact in spite of everything?

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Poignant questions Hidden. Unfortunately insulin assays aren't widely available, and fasting/proxy insulin measures are a poor substitute.

What probably can be said is that even those that have lost the visceral fat have only reset the clock, and should not return to a high-carb lifestyle that will bring about the detriment again.

All the best!

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1) Stopping metformin requires trial and error method. You can stop but you will have to measure bs daily. If it remains under control you can omit it for ever or for a long time. But you will have to be vigilant and check your bs frequently.

2) Your ir will come down but your diabetic condition is intact .

Gud luk.


First of all congratulations on your achievements, Rakins. You have achieved great numbers in particular your HbA1c of 5.4% which is in non-diabetic range.

Low carb along with intermittent fasting is really a great way to control rise in blood sugar. You should be able to come off medication after consultation with your Doctor. Members of this group can not advise on the continuation or discontinuation of medications.

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Thanks for your encouragement. Could you please look up my answer to Concerned? Thanks again.

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It should be possible to get an idea of your insulin resistance by what is referred as HOMA IR by testing for fasting insulin and fasting glucose.

HOMA IR optimum range is between 0.5 and 1.4

> 1.9 is early insulin resistance

> 2.9 is significant insulin resistance

Regarding Metformin: Metformin has been a very well tested drug of 40 year standing without significant side effects. A small dose of Metformin should not be much of a problem if it helps you to keep the BS number acceptable level. Your final goal should be your overall blood sugar levels with or without medications.

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Thanks indeed for the very useful information - let me see if this test can be done here in Kerala.

I understand that metformin is a far more benign drug than for example sulphonylurea drugs and I am glad my doctor has taken me off Dibizide M.

U can stop metformin when ur a1c is 5% work one more month on the same line


Thanks. Will do.

I did.

I was on Metformin for quite some time.

I followed LCHF and also used some Pathanjali products (Madhunashini Vati on regular basis).

I am OK and feel good as well.

However, please consult the doctor.

If you keep monitoring on daily basis (I do twice a day) and if the BS stays within a good range, my personal opinion is "You dont need Metformin".

Why should we consume some thing about which there is so much of negatives out there in the websites.

Pls ensure that you supplement with enough vitamins, sprouts, proteins along with allowable level of CARBs.

Please note we need some CARBs too.

Good luck

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Thanks, I am still processing all the great replies I got so far.


After stopping metformin see how much it impacts your BS. You have to wait at least for 10- 15 days.

Do not stop medicine without consulting Doctor. Your BS levels are after taking medicine.

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