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Lemon water

Is it good to take lemon water first thing in the morning if someone is diabetic ?

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Hi DudeA,

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As for the lemon and lemon water, have you asked your doctor about using either? Do you take any medications that would have interactions with lemons and lemon water if you used them?


Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C, providing 64% of the Daily Value in a 100 g serving.




I believe lemon and lemon juice have health benefits for everyone including diabetics because they contain high Vit C and soluble fibers. They are also low GI fruits. Two tablesspoons of lemon juice have about 2 grams net carbs. However, I tried taking lemon juice diluted with water (as well as trying diluted apple cider vinegar) on empty stomach in the morning, my BSL went up from both drinks. Not sure if this would work with someone to lower BSL but not me.

Anyway, I do use lemon juice daily as salad dressing or add into most of my meals.

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Thanks champak045; I also heard from some people on this forum suggest on ACV in which I did try few times but I didn't see any obvious benefit from this remedy as it is really the amount of CARBS ingested each meal does matter for how much BSL would be. However, I do comsume ACV and lemon regularly with my meals.


I can't take lemon, but as for asking the doctor, I think you may as well make your own mind up about it from my experiences of doctors knowledge, but to be fair we are all different and cannot all take the same things.

I think one of the reasons I can't take it is because it is cleansing and I know my good flora and fauna in my gut are low after too many dangerous antibiotics in my life, so I do not need to cleanse out any more of my good ones.

I use muscle testing to find out what I can take.

If you don't know how to dowse or muscle test, try placing a lemon on your navel and see how you feel.

I usually feel quite bad straight away if it is not for me even before I muscle test.

If it is what I need I find my peristalsis starts gurgling.

Then I use muscle testing to see how much and when I need it.

Many think I am crackers, but all this was taught to me by an experienced and very knowledgeable kinesiologist and other complementary practitioners when I was seriously ill and conventional doctors had written me off as dying, so no I am not crackers, but just wise now!


Thanks Cann for sharing your thoughts and experience. I've never heard of 'muscle testing' on foods which sounds quite interesting.


Yes, it has been around for 1000's of years, but of course there is more money in drugs.

It makes use of the inner knowledge of the body and the auto immune system to find out through the muscles what is right and what is not for a particular body.

It is so useful when we have become disconnected to our bodies, as I had when I trusted doctors with my life when really they knew very little about my body. So many others have become disconnected, too, in this difficult and very unnatural life that most of us now live and rely on doctors to know the answers when actually they do not know for most of the time and prescribe drugs that have such horrendous side effects in many cases that I would not touch them now.

Good luck with the lemon, but if you have inflammation which many of us with immune system problems have for much of the time, be careful - start with a little and see how you react unless you can find a good kinesiologist near you to test you, but the body changes all the time and being able to test yourself is far better; that is why the kinesiologist taught me to do it. She was a genuine caring lady whom I owe my life to partly and to others.

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Thanks again cann. I have learned something new and really interesting about kinesiologist. In health concerns, I always think of natural ways of healing or alternative medicines rather than going directly to modern drugs. I will definitely do more research on this topic. All the best.


You're welcome. All the best to you, too.


Interesting. Cann


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