Diabetes type2

Hi...i am 21yr old , i diagnosed with diabetes type 2 from last 5 yr and i am taking human mixtard medicine

But i can't afford the medicine so i really need help plz ....give some treatment for curing my diabetes

Is kadamba tree usefull ?


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  • What is your fasting and PP sugar ? What is the latest A1C ?

  • What country are you from ? What are your A1C s last six to 9 months ?

    Are you following LCHF diet ? are you doing exercise ?

    You are too young -- need to control --

    You need to find a job - so you can afford

    What I mean - is you are too young - you may have to take medicine for few years --

    until you get diabetes under control. I am NOT sure - if you are in college - or not -

    that's why I suggested getting a job -- because it is important to control at early stage.

    good luck.

  • U need to go to gym

    Ride bicycle atleast 5km every day

    Avoid oil eat black seeds Eat methi seeds

    Excercise will help u more than any medicines always remember

  • LCHF diet is best for any Diabetics - Type 1 or 2....

    Join dLife.In.. lots of info and recipes on LCHF

    OIL is not bad -- in moderation and no frying -- need oil for lubricating all joints and connective tissues. Avoid over heating

    Use Olive oil or butter or ghee -

    Also visit - Ramdev Baba - store - and ask for natural formula- for sugar control-

    there are many kinds - jamun Powder helps. I have heard - not tried myself.

    Also Bitter Melon juice helps-

    Apple cider vinegar - two spoons with 4 oz water - 30 minutes before meal- helps reduce

    sugar spikes --

  • Just checked --It is an Insulin -- are you sure -you have Type 2 and NOT Type 1 -?

    What is your A1C ?

    Once you get control- lower A1c -you can drop Insulin and get cheaper medicine

    Your Doctor will advise you accordingly

    If medicine does NOT help in three months - Change Doctor

    You have it for 5 years -- did you miss medicine ? because can NOT afford ?

    what is price ? how many times you have to take - Human Mixtard Insulin ?

  • All alternative drugs are not properly working.Only mere advertisements.Kindly change your food habits.Tell me about your daily routine and food.May be I can suggest to you another.For the last 30 years I have diabetes.

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