midnight wakeups go to toilet

hi dear friends, since childhood I used to at midnight go to toilet to urine and this habit still exist in my life, now I don't know well this problem is because of my diabete or may its my old habit which is ongoing.


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  • Many people with diabetes - have this problem - or they have to go every three hours --

    I am Type 2 - but don't have to go for six hours - some times I wake up at early morning -

    Best is to cut down drinking water at night time - go to bathroom before going to bed...

    try for few weeks and see - you can control or delay one or two hours - that will be good

  • Is it not that if you urinate frequently its when the body tries to rid excess glucose, not that you had too much water?

  • That is NOT right - I did NOT say body has too much water - but if you dont drink much after say 7 or 8 pm - you will NOT go frequently --

    And I dont believe - it tries to get rid of excess glucose - every one does NOT pass sugar ( glucose ) in urine.

    May be Anup or Sashi - can comment on this.

  • Very simple . If you have any doubt go to your family doctor and get your blood sugar reports . By the way , one time urine at midnight is normal .

  • Try to empty your bladder before going to bed and drink water in measure quantity

  • thanks, is there any meds to eliminate such problem?

  • There is nedicines but first u need to do urine report

    albumin creatine ratio

  • Talk to your doctor--or may eb specialist - Endocrinologist OR Urologist.

    They may ask you to collect urine in a bottle-over 24 hours - then doctor will

    send to lab for analysis.

    It may or may not be due to diabetes. There may be other hidden reason.

    I ahve diabetes for over 22 years -- and only go to urinate at night - some

    times I wake up early morning like 05:00 am - with pressure - to go to bathroom. Not every day -- Normally - sustain up to 5 or 6 hours - without going to bathroom - day or night.

    Each person has different body chemistry -

  • thanks for reply it was useful to me

  • Just thought about this --

    You can google - or ask lady doctor- you can do some pelvic muscle or bladder control exercises - this will make bladder wall thicker and stronger and can hold more water ( urine ) - so you dont have to go to bath room that often

    Also drink cranberry juice - three or four times a week for a month - every six months - keep kidney and urinary tract clean -

    make sure - NOT to hold for too long - if you have to go- you should go -other wise get kidney infection which is painful- and also cos ts more - for antibiotics

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