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No medicine since last one month. It's a bit on higher side. What to do.


Hi friends.

Here is some good news. Seniors please give your comments and guidance.

I had to stop medicines, as directed by Doctor, due to abrupt fall in bsl inevening walk.

So after one month the status as on today is 110.170. In the meantime, bsl was fluctuating between 110 to 200. Went to doctor 2times. He says be careful and keep watch. He expects my bsl will increase after some time.

I have continued 35 45 minutes walk (5000 to 6000 steps) evenly spread 6 thin chahati+ vegetables a day. Sugar potato rice corn etc complete No no. Sugar free tab 1 in a cup of tea. Once or twice a day. Take almonds, panir, cheese, curd.

1. Is there a mild medicine that yhe doctor could prescribe for me?

2 If at all, I could afford some liberty in festivals.

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You have to keep monitoring and maintain your efforts.Only your doctor can prescribe a medicine for you.Now that you are on border line,dosage becomes very critical.There is no such thing as taking liberties with diabetes,festivals or whatever.You may cheat though,with extreme caution.

You have to take medicines regularly may be you can decrease the dose but you should not stop taking tablets

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Diabetes will be long time disorder but if you can't take medicines on time and diet control then it will damage internal organs which we can't diagnose in starting stages- retinopathy- retina checkup need to be done for every 1 year, kidney creatinine levels, and if high BP is there both should be maintained properly

Undergo HbA1c test once in every 3 months.


Thanks guys. With recent doctor visit prescribing me NO medicine, I have been able to maintain bgl.f 110 to128, bgl.p 137 to 160. The fluctuations, I observe, are due to unavoidable stress and sleep deprivation. I know it is on higher side. Once it is on higher side I further reduce carbs. Stress and sleep deprivation are simply the main culprits. I would certainly NOTtake any allopathy for these two issues. Is there a low potency medicine to check my bsl which I would discuss about with my doctor. I would never go for self medication for bsl as it may prove fatal. Please tell me.

Hi Vibhakar, have you tried Homeopathy? Since you are hesitant to have allopathic medicine and since without medicines, your blood sugar is fluctuating, homeopathy can act as a good maintenance medicine. My mother consulted a homeopathic clinic in Thane (Mumbai), Homeopathy4all, and she was able to reduce her sugar level to a great extent. But you need to constantly monitor the blood sugar level to see ho wit goes for you.

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