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Dear frnds , I m new to all these diabetic things . I was dignsd diabetic 8 mnths b4 ( Feb 17 ) . My fst rprt show FBS 260 & A1C 8%. I was on metformin 500 daily 2 & Rosuvas 10 by MD Doctor . Aftr 15 days FBS 125 PPBS 155. My doc told me to continue all meds lifetime but I started Ayurvedic &continued Rosuvas . In between my FBS ranged 115-125 & PPBS 125-165 . I became so overconfident that I left all Ayurvedic meds , I didn't follow any diet , I left all exercises . No monitoring at home. I fell into my old lifestyle for May June July . In August , I got my reports . FBS 174 PPBS 275 . Cholesterol rpt very bad . I repented a lot . I understood nd my blunder . Again I started Ayurvedic meds . Rosuvas for 15 days , diet , exercise . Yesterday's ( 21 Sept ) FBS 118 PPBS 135 . I will get my A1C &lipid report on 31 October .

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Sir rosuvas is composed of rosuvastatin.I t is a BP medicine.continue your metformin two times.Reduce carb.Take your Ayurvedic medicine. Be happy and healthy.Thanks

Rosuvastatin (generic name) Rosuvas (brand name) is a member of the drug class of statins, used in combination with exercise, diet, and weight-loss to treat high cholesterol and related conditions, and to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Please note that self treatment may cause irreparable damage to your kidneys, heart, liver and eyes.

Please visit your doctor once in every 3 months.


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